Pregnant Officer Who Gave CORD A Hard Time In Pangani Station Gets A Surprise Baby Shower

A heavily Pregnant Pangani officer, who was spotted at Pangani police station when hate speech suspects were locked up at the station, gets treated with a surprise baby shower.

The baby shower was arranged by Milicent Omanga, a Nairobi women aspirant after her photo showing where she was making some special and valuable contributions in fending off the crowd at Pangani Police Station went viral online.

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Omanga said she was impressed when she saw that a pregnant woman had to help calm the disorderliness at the station during the detention of top lawmakers. She said the woman proved that she is capable in performing law enforcement duties even though she is pregnant.

The Daily Nation quoted Omanga as saying:

“This is just a gesture to appreciate our female police officers. This officer has done us proud and showed us that women put in a lot of effort to their work”.

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Constable Agatha Wairimu was ushered in after her colleagues decorated one of the offices with balloons and other materials. She later cut the cake, provided by Omanga. The police officer was also given some baby presents including a baby cot and pram.

heavily pregnant pangani officer

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Wairimu was on duty the day CORD leaders and their supporters came to Pangani police station in a show of solidarity with their party’s hate speech suspects over who were detained for four days before the hearing of their cases.

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The heavily pregnant pangani officer schooled at Egerton University  where she obtained Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology – Forensic Investigations option.

According to police law, Pregnant police officers are not required to wear uniforms to work, which explains why she was in civilian clothes. Pregnant officers are also given light duties around their station of work.

Though photos shows she was wearing teargas canisters, the pregnant officer visibly excelled at defusing the potential violent that would have erupted, demonstrating empathy in stressful situations without using excessive force.