The Extravagant Lifestyle of These Rich Kid in Kenya Will Make You Want To… Oh My..

Some people are born rich while some become rich, but what of those who get a fair combination of both? Some Kenyan kids were born rich and they also became even richer. These people live in a very rare world adorned with incredible extravagance and enormous fortunes. They not only party in the most exclusive and expensive clubs, or pay amazing prices for exclusive custom-fitted clothing, but also take their stress out by the soothing sounds of the ocean in exotic places. Have I said anything concerning the regular visit to other countries which they make almost every month? In fact money ain’t a problem for them. Here is a list of top 5 Kenyan kids who kingly and queenly.

5 Kenyan Rich kids Who Live Like Kings And Queens – Courtesy Of Their Rich Parents

Meet Lupita Nyong’o:

Lupita Nyong’o-rich-kid

Even though beautiful Lupita has achieved a lot as an actress, she attended some of the best schools in the world including Yale School of Drama and Hampshire College where she obtain a bachelor’s degree in film and theater studies and masters degree in acting courtesy of her father. He was a former Minister for Medical Services in the Kenyan government and was later appointed a professor at the University of Nairobi.