Photos: Hero Policeman Jumps Into 50 Feet Deep Well To Save Infant!

A sub-inspector Virpal Singh in UP’s Agra police located in India decided to sacrifice everything including his own life rather than letting a girl child die On Thursday, around 7:15 pm. The policeman saved aborted child found wailing in a well. 

It all started the moment the villagers of Mahaur village in Agra heard screams from a close by well and called the police. The police officer arrived in time to get the baby out.

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Some said the infant was lucky that the police, which seldom responds on time, reached within six minutes. On arrival, the policeman on duty jumped into the 50 feet deep well to rescue the infant child who was probably abandoned and left to death by her parents.

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The policeman said he glanced into the well and saw the infant baby crying. The Sub-Inspector Virpal Singh became emotionally moved by the baby’s tears. He then tied a rope around his waist and plunged into the well to rescue the infant, putting his life at risk.

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After rescuing the child, the policeman said:

“The baby was suffered serious injury and was struggling to breathe. It was all a team effort to save the child. My team worked well.”

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Later Police rushed the baby to a closed by hospital where doctors said her condition is critical. Police said someday deliberately disposed the child as the well is located in a distant area away from population.


Somewhere in Nigeria, a baby was also rescued alive early last month after it was dumped in the well.


The newborn child still had its umbilical cord attached. In another case, a baby boy soaked, swollen and dead inside the well was seen and snapped by a passer-by in Nigeria. The baby was found inside the well of a childless couple who would give anything to have a child of their own.

baby found in a well -1

They found the lifeless child when they had gone to fetch water.