Hillary Clinton Cried After Donald Trump Release These Photos Of Her And Obama

Ever thought Hillary Clinton cried over any of Donald Trump’s criticisms?

Well, Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president last month and Clinton became the presumptive Democrat nominee.

Clinton certainly has had a foul volatile relationship with Obama, going back to their 2008 primary struggle.

During the then campaign, Obama revealed some brutal truths about Clinton which the Democrat media wishes will be forgotten.

But even if everybody forgets, Donald Trump seems not ready to forget so soon. He recently had to share a photo and audio on social media to get users in America not to forget too.

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Since the their publication online, more than 200,000 people agreed, “liking” it. Another 130,000 shared it on Facebook, quickly making it a viral sensation.

Trump brilliantly used the photo and the audio  against Hillary.

He in a Twitter video Friday shared an old Obama radio ad from the 2008 presidential campaign where Obama said Hillary Clinton will say whatever you want, so long as she uses public politics for personal gain.

Listen To The Audio Below:

The Republican used the video against Clinton and from the throwback Twitter video, the similar lines of attack could easily be seen.

They include:


The Iraq War.

“Will say anything to get elected.”

“What’s wrong with politics today.”

“She’ll say anything, and change nothing.”

“It’s time to turn the page.”

Trump’s  is known to use Instagram and Twitter videos to make a point, and he launched a key strike against his opponent.

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He, this time around, had help from what Hillary was hoping would be a source of strength, not weakness.

After the photo and audio went viral, several media outlets alleged that the potential first female president of America cried.

See Video:

In the audio, the Conservative Tribune reminds America the following key points:

Clinton was for free trade agreements like NAFTA, GATT and the Trans-Pacific Partnership before she was against them. She might be for them again soon, and then against them shortly afterwards.

Back in the 1990s, she was talking about harsher penalties for “superpredators” and building a wall to increase border security. Now, she proudly hoists the banner of Black Lives Matter and La Raza (until November, that is — then, who knows?).

They also said that if Hillary Clinton thought that getting the vote of the KKK was absolutely necessary for her to win the election, she would proudly parade down Fifth Avenue on a float wearing a kleagle’s hood and robes, a cross burning on the back of the vehicle.

Obama is right: She’ll say anything and change nothing. Now, though, Obama has “fundamentally transformed” America to fit his mold. That’s why he’s willing to endorse Hillary now — he knows she’s corrupt enough that he can count on four more years of his America-destroying agenda.