Hillary Clinton Accused Of Stealing State Department Furniture

Hillary Clinton has been accused of stealing furniture from the State Department and using it in her home.

She apparently took the furniture to decorate her Washington home.

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This accusation comes from a former member of her security detail with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security while she was Secretary of State.

The agent told the FBI:

”Early in Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, she and her staff were observed removing lamps and furniture from the State Department which were transported to her residence in Washington, DC,” 

According to the FBI notes, the agent ”does not know whether these items were ever returned to the government.”

The accusation against Hillary Clinton brings to mind the public outrage when the Clintons left the White House with massive amounts of furniture and other items. They however returned or paid for what they had taken.

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The State Department has denied the ex-agent’s claim, calling it untrue and that the items removed from the building had been paid for by the then Secretary of State.

The agent which was assigned to Clinton’s detail in 2009, at the start of her term was not on the detail when Clinton left in 2013.

These claims by her former agent are found in the newly released 100-page report of the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified material.

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The 100-page report also provides evidence of claims that the Secretary of State’s staff tried to convince the FBI to downgrade the classification of some emails on her private server in return for more special agents stationed abroad.

The redacted report, however, fails to show who initiated the discussion about altering the classification of the emails.