From Drake To Kendrick Lamar And Now Eminem? – Hip Hop In 2017 Is Starting On A Very High Note

Hip Hop in 2017 has started on a very high note. The months of March and April has seen various controversies, shots thrown and bars dropped from the biggest names in the industry; Drake, Kendrick Lamar and now Eminem?

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Drake – More Life

Hip Hop In 2017

About 3 weeks ago, Drake dropped a unique album which he tagged as a “Playlist” titled More Life. More Life is a 22 track playlist which features some of the best artistic talents all over the world. The playlist was hardly hyped and left a lot of fans confused on the whole project.

Drake has always been known for having one of the best foresight for musical talent and he showcases this in his playlist. The idea of him collaborating with some of the best artists from various continents in the world was simply amazing. From Africa to various parts of America and Europe, including some of the biggest U.K names; you name them, Drake’s More Life is sure one of his best projects yet.

Kendrick Lamar – IV

Hip Hop In 2017

Riding on the hype already propelled by Drake, Kendrick Lamar dropped a single titled “The Heart Part 4” which seemed like a shot at Drake. It all started five days after Drake dropped his More Life playlist, with Kendrick Lamar taking to Instagram to post a picture of the Roman numeral IV.

The Heart part 4 finishes with Kendrick saying “Y’all got till April the 7th to get y’all shit together”, giving us a hint of the release date to his fourth album. On the 30th of March, Kendrick released a video titled “HUMBLE” which is said to be the lead single from his forthcoming album. Unfortunately, April 7th was just the date for the announcement of the release date of his fourth studio album which is now slated to be released on the 14th as revealed just a few hours ago.

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The album track list and title have not yet been revealed, but the album is already available for pre-order on iTunes.

Hip Hop In 2017 – Is Eminem Still In The Game?

Hip Hop In 2017

To think it was all over with Drake and Kendrick Lamar, now we have some hints that Eminem is about to drop something new. The hint was dropped using his long term manager’s Instagram account (Paul Rosenberg) as Eminem shows us a date (April 9).

It’s been a long time… #7elevenseries

A post shared by Paul Rosenberg (@rosenberg) on

If you look closely at the image above, you will see the date “April 9” written on his right hand. We are not 100% certain if this is a release date for a single or an album, but we sure know it is going to give Hip Hop in 2017 a new twist and keep the world talking in anticipation for what’s to come in just two days from today.