Beyonce’s New Album Lemonade Fuels Diverse Rumours

Beyonce dropped a new album named “Lemonade” that has got everybody cracking. However, the mystery about the album – in which she used spoken word, fashion and lyrics about relationships, infidelity, empowerment and love – just got unlocked.

This was after a seemingly long wait for its release by both fans and foes. Beyonce released the album on Saturday night in a series of stylized music videos and a poem titled “Lemonade” –  a personal story written in poetry form to black women – which tells of a woman not to be messed with.

In the visual album, the singer sheds light on the dramas happening in her home; referencing her father, her wedding to rapper Jay Z, her pregnancy and daughter Blue Ivy’s birthday party.

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In the album, Beyonce also showed women holding photos of black men who have been murdered. Among the women were the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, who held up pictures of their dead sons, in a part of the video called “Resurrection.”

The lyrics arranged in layers spoke on a lot of other themes, including unfaithfulness despite she didn’t specify who she was making reference to. But her fans, not to be outsmarted, have been able to read the tea leaves and several points of view from different quarters point out that the lyrics refer to the situation of Beyonce’s marriage to Jay Z.

The internet has been speculating about the state of the couple’s marriage and the rumours got deepened in May 2014 following the notorious elevator fight involving the couple and her sister, Solange Knowles.

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The rumours started when a survillence video, showed Solange hitting and kicking Jay Z in the elevator, was released. After the fight, the star was seen spotted with her sister leaving in the same car while Jay Z was left alone.

Beyonce later released a statement saying they are family and so can fight like other families. But, on details of what might have caused the fight, she stated that it was a private family issue that can’t be revealed. Since then, more and more rumours of  Beyonce’s hubby infidelity kept spreading on the internet with other Hollywood stars airing their opinions especially after Lemonade was released.

Talk show host, Wendy Williams also had something to say. She bared her thoughts, saying she thinks Beyonce and Jay Z paid Rachel Roy for the cheating drama to increase album sales. Wendy even thinks that Beyonce and Jay Z could be paying Rachel Roy to cause the drama.

She said:

‘Rachel Roy, first of all, you’re not this fighting girl unless you’re on Jay Z and Beyonce’s payroll.’

‘And they paid you to mix it up to add, I guess, sales for Lemonade.’

Wendy also criticised Queen Bey for releasing the album only 2 days after the death of the legendary Prince.

“Quite frankly, I wish Beyoncé had held off on the album after Prince. Like, the weekend had blown over. And Bill Cosby, don’t get beside yourself. Long after Prince is gone, and Beyoncé and Jay Z are still together, we are going to circle back around and still deal with you.”

In all, the video presentation on Saturday saw a joyful ending for Bey and Jay, showing pictures of a united and a happy family along with daughter Blue Ivy.