Horrific: Kids Bury A Two-Year Old Girl Alive

A two-year old girl was buried in a shallow grave by her three playmates in Mulwanda Village in Kakamega County, Western Kenya.

The tragedy which took place on Friday, 25 February rained shock on the villagers. The mother of the little victim had left her in the care of her gogo, and she had been playing with three kids of ages ranging from five to seven.

The three kids allegedly dug a hole at the back of a house. They later loaded up the hole with water, and then pushed the little victim into it. The little girl struggled to pull herself out of the hole but the mixture of sand and water overwhelmed her. The three kids then covered the hole in soil.

In a sheer happiness, they waited and watched the girl stay in the hole without air until she suffocated to death. When they realised the girl had stifled to death, the three kids pulled her body out of the hole and dumped it close to a banana farm.

The oldest among them who is seven-year-old then apparently ran out of the village, scared of what will follow. Later on, the villagers discovered the body of the dead girl.

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Nobody is certain whether or not killing was deliberate or done without the children knowing the true consequence of what they were doing. Her grieving grandfather thinks the children might have done without having full knowledge of the aftermath. He said:

“We suspect the kids were playing innocently and tried to copy what they have witnessed happening in burials in the village.”

He pointed that is the unfortunate incident is a taboo, and will require a cleansing ritual for the children involved in the death his granddaughter who they buried alive. According to him:

“If we do not cleanse them, a curse may befall them and a similar misfortune will happen again.”

The western region police chief, Moses Ombati, explained that the death of the little girl is accidental.

Ombati said:

“An inquest file will be opened and statements recorded from witnesses before the file is handed over to a magistrate to hear the inquest.”