Hostages Taken And Also Dozens Injured As Gunmen Attack Kenya’s Garissa University College

Another deadly terror attack in Kenya as the students of Garissa woke up to terror this morning. They woke up to gunshots that began going off randomly  “like fireworks” around 5 a.m. The masked gunmen wearing military fatigues raided the university close to Somali border in north-eastern Kenya before dawn Thursday, firing randomly and taking hostages. At least 147 people are dead and more 65 injured as gunmen opened fire on security guards and students.

Kenyan troops surrounded the university and are engaging the attackers in fierce exchange of fire.

According to an eye witnesses, the gunmen opened fire indiscriminately as they stormed the university and there is fear the number of casualties might climb.

The Somali-based Al Shabaab militant group have claimed responsibility and has taken hostages.

Have in mind that Garissa is about 145 kilometers (90 miles) from the border with Somalia and Al-Shabaab militants have been regularly launched attacks inside Kenya ever since the Kenyan government sent troops across the border to fight the group. The terror group has carried out a good number of attacks in Kenya since 2011, when Kenyan troops were sent to Somalia to help fight the militant group there.

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According to Kenyan police, the gunmen killed guards at the main gate at about 05:30 local time (02:30 GMT) at the time of morning prayers and nearby policemen then engaged in a fierce exchange of fire and the gunmen escaped into the university buildings. As they stormed the university, they opened fire and the students could be heard running around seeking for safety. Although, the deadliest attack by the terror group was the one which targeted the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi in September 2013, when 67 people were killed, but this current is the most horrible and pathetic. In case you are not accustomed with what Al-Shabab is fighting for, they are fighting to create an Islamic state in Somalia and is banned as a terrorist group by both the US and the UK.


Thus, the gunmen forced their way onto the campus by firing at guards at the main gates and then moved into a close-by girl’s hostel

When the policemen, heard this, they responded and “engaged the Assailants in an intense shootout,  but the attackers retreated and still gained entry into the (student) hostels. It was claimed that the gunmen were five in number, while some other persons said they were more than 10, so it is still uncertain how many they actually were on the campus.

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Meanwhile the assailants were said to have surrounded the Mosque. The Kenyan Red Cross and the country’s health ministry organised a blood drive  in order to render sufficient help to the victims. Of course the red Cross team are underway to help the victims. the officers are working immensely to fish them out and they urge people to keep away from the attack arena.

presently, two guards  have been confirmed dead at the main university gate, with two policemen and a student among the wounded. However, eyewitnesses mention of many casualties inside the building. So casualties are expected to climb.

The attackers allegedly ordered the campus students to lie down on the floor, but at least 60 are known to have escaped and are at a military facility, where the seek for safety.

At the moment, the attackers still have hostages inside one of the hostels as about 65 casualties have been reported, 147 of whom are dead and four of whom are in critical conditions from gunshot wounds. This is pathetic and horrible, especially knowing that only two officers are left to guard such a volatile area.

Presently, three people including two soldiers and a civilian had been flown to the capital, Nairobi for urgent medical attention.