Kenyan Boy Dies In Car After Mom Leaves Him For A Quickie

Hot Car Death! An innocent 8-year-old Kenyan boy has tragically lost his life due to negligence on the part of his mother who left him in a locked unventilated car to go have “fun” with her lover.

Bizarre happenings are even the more on the rise and this one is as disturbing as it is annoying. The poor boy’s mother identified as Christie Nasimiyu dashed out with her unnamed lover to a guesthouse near Mateka market in Bumula, Bungoma County, where they were having a good time.

She was too much in a hurry to get down with her lover that she couldn’t think of the dangers of leaving an 8-year old boy in a locked car with wound-up windows and the engines off. Her ignorance became her own undoing when she returned to learn that her son had died from suffocation.

“They left him with three bottles of soda but the baby died due to lack of fresh air,” police chief Julius Barasa said of the boy’s death.

Upon their return to the car, they were greeted by angry mobs who lashed out at them in anger seeking revenge for the young boy’s death. Luckily for the lovebirds, police were right on time to the rescue.

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This has sent many residents of the area fuming in anger. A children’s welfare officer Joseph Lau told reporters that the couple should be charged to court and held responsible for the child’s death.

“This is absurd and very wrong,” Lau lamented, “a child has died due to carelessness. They should be charged to court.”

The lovebirds are currently apprehended at the Bumula Police station while the dead boy is the Bungoma Country Referral Hospital Morgue.

Hot Car Death

Death from a locked car is caused by vehicular heatstroke, which in plain English refers to a situation where the body temperature rises to over 40.6 °C as a result of the heat from an unventilated locked car. A locked car can rapidly heat up to over 49°C in few minutes, especially when under direct sunlight.

Vehicular Heatstroke can cause death within minutes even if the window is slightly open. Pets (dogs, cats) are even more vulnerable to children. According to research, nearly half of child deaths caused by vehicular heatstroke was because the parents forgot that the child was in the car. Almost 20% occurred because parents intentionally left the kid in the car without knowledge of how quickly a car could heat up to become lethal.

The legal prosecution of parents varies according to the case.