10 Hottest Kenyan Actresses

Kenya, the land of the bosses, the land of diversity and multiplicity. Here, you will find all kinds of women, but beauty is never an issue, they’ve got it all. The Kenyan Movie industry is budding with immense beauty, talent and brains. The number of hot Kenyan actresses is simply unimaginable. You just need to turn on the television to confirm this. In fact some of these Kenyan actresses/ stars have made a name for themselves not only in Kenya but also regionally and internationally, participating in continental and global blockbusters.

The list of the hottest female celebrities in Kenyan is skyrocketing, keep count is a task most men are happy to endure. However, the list of the 10 hottest Kenyan celebrities is one hard nut to crack. Simply stunning, appealing and outright sexy, here are the 10 hottest Kenyan actresses to watch-out for.

List of Hottest Kenyan Actresses

1. Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu

She is one lass who is making all men go bananas. She has all got men in her mind and in all women’s mouths and they all can’t get enough of her. There is something about her that makes her infectious and addictive. With a light skin charm, she first appeared on “changing Times” where the Kenyan audience was introduced to her. However, her roles in the highly rated MTV blockbuster, “Shuga” made her name big on the continent. To the Kenyan audience, her role in “Mali” has made her a household name, one to look forward to Week after week.

2. Sarah Hassan

Sarah Hassan

Her charm and looks are just incredible. She seems innocent even on TV which makes many wonder how she is in person. Many people allude that she cannot even hurt a fly. Her beauty, body and brains makes her endearing to both men and women alike. She is a break out female celebrity of the very hyped “Tahidi High” where she has plays as Tanya. Though the show has been running for quite some years now, the fans cannot get enough of her.

3. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong'o

She is the perfect beauty and brains recipe. A household name in Kenya, she is the daughter of a Key political figure in Kenyan politics and has managed to curve a niche for herself and live in her own shadow of fame. Not only is she an actress but she is also a model cum young producer. While her basket seems to be full, she is set to feature in a Hollywood Blockbuster alongside the one and only Brad Pit.

4. Pierra Makena

Pierra Makena

Amazing fits her description right. From brains to looks, she is just marvelous. While she was not immensely popular, the Si Lazima Campaign meant to offer road safety tips in the society got people interested. She has an amiable voice and has maintained her slang opposed to the weng and adopted accents the Kenyan public is just getting tired of. Did we say that she stars in the M-net series and is also a DJ? Well, know you know.

5. Nice Githinji

Nice Githinji

She is a true definition of an African woman if you get what I mean and is among the hottest Kenyan actresses. The content is right and the package is right, there is no more to ask for. Other than acting, she also does Karaoke, just how sexy could this get.