How Africa Tweets: Kenya Tops Africa List Of Most Active Twitter Users

The Portlands Communications released a report on Wednesday which shows how Africa tweets by ranking countries based on how often their citizens tweeted.

The report is dubbed #HowAfricaTweets. The How Africa Tweets study digs deep into Twitter use on the continent, examining the cities that are the most active, what languages are being used the most and what issues are driving the conversation online.

The report found that Africa surpasses US and UK in using Twitter for political conversations. The third reasearch of how Africa tweet researched into the top 5000 hashtags across Africa in 2015.

According to the report, Egypt is the first in Africa in 2015 with 28 per cent of all geolocated tweets (about 450 million). Nigeria followed in second with 350 million geolocated tweets while South Africa came third at 325 million tweets.

Kenya came 4th in Africa in a ranking of countries whose citizens tweeted most last year, with 76 million geolocated tweets. This includes the international Twitter wars against countries and international media organsations that portray Kenya badly.

Using #SomeoneTellCNN, Kenyans poured their anger at CNN for saying US president Barack Obama was coming to”hotbed of terror” in July 2015.

President Uhuru Kenyatta even joined the internet protest by sharing his disappointment through the social media platform using hash tag #UhuruTellsCNN.

Ghana registered 65 million geolocated tweets, coming 5th. Mark Flanagan, Portlands partner for Content and digital strategy, said;

“In all, there were 1.6 billion geolocated tweets in Africa in 2015, a 34-fold increase from our initial research in 2012.”

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Apart from coming out at the 4th position, #Kenya was named one of the most widely shared Twitter hash tags in Africa, the report says. Kenya was also named the tech hub of Africa in April 2015 even at its 40 per cent unemployment rate.

The report says Africans tweeted more in English than any other language, which aided in breaking down national and cultural barriers across the continent.

The report read:

“Of the top 5,000 hash tags analysed, 77 per cent were tweeted in English. Other top languages like Arabic and French were tweeted significantly less at only 7 per cent and 4 per cent.

The report also found that political talks grew by 10 percent even though showbiz and entertainment took the centre points of the discussions.

Flanagan stated:

“This study demonstrates that the Twitter platform is coming of age with the prevalence of serious debates about politics and government.

Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Burundi and Egypt were among the most active in political conversations.

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The report about ‘How Africa Tweets’ could not include Republic of Congo due to lack of data on social media.