How Kenyans Remember Ex-First Lady, Lucy Kibaki

The country received the news of the demise of ex-First Lady Lucy Kibaki who died on Tuesday morning, April 26, 2016 in a hospital in London.  Since the sad news came, the internet has been pouring in comments, elucidating some of her memorable moments in office.

A horde of people said they remember her for her efforts while in office, yet some could not forget her controversial side, particularly, for publicly slapping offenders, and raiding homes and establishments, including the Nation Media Group..

There were a few who described her as the ‘first’ publicly known First Lady that the country saw after innumerable  years without any one being updated on President Daniel Moi’s 24-year rule.

Others throw banquets at her efforts and achievements in the health sector. The president was not left out of the party, as he also remembered her in a statement, “Mama Lucy Kibaki, who died on Tuesday, will be remembered for her immense contributions to the country’s development.”

While many said they can’t easily let go of the memory of the incident where the 73-year-old  publicly expressed her vex, here are other things the ex-first lady did during her husband’s time as president that Kenya will not forget in a hurry.

Ex-First Lady

Lucy marched to the house of her neighbour, the then World Bank’s director Makhtar Diop, in a tracksuit at midnight while he was having a private party to mark the end of his posting and ordered that the music should be turned off. The incident took place in 2005.

She had also stormed a local police station to get Diop and his guests detained for disturbing the public. More remarkably, she was said to have gone there dressed in shorts.

Mama Lucy forced her husband, former President Mwai Kibaki, to address the press in order to let the public know he is in a sanctified, lifelong monogamous union. This was after it was alleged that her husband took in another woman – Mary Wambui.

Also, while in office, Lucy was known to have slapped several officers who went out of line while working with her.

Ex-First Lady

Cameraman Clifford Derrick got a taste of it as he was filming her and declined to leave the offices until 5.30am the next day. The photojournalist attempt to charge her for assault but the case failed. Gitobu Imanyara also received a fair share of the first lady’s slapping streaks at State House, Nairobi, during a briefing on parliamentary issues. It happened the moment she was allegedly made furious by the lawmakers’ insistence on filing charges against another MP who had verbally attacked her husband.

Another notable person who got a share of the slap was former State House comptroller Matere Keriri. Though Lucy later denied the claims, she confessed that she never liked to see him around the State House.

In 2007, it was reported that a reporter from Nations TV filmed her wacking an official during an independence day celebration at the state house. The video however, never came to limelight because the camera was reportedly confiscated by security officials, and every trace of the footage was said to have been destroyed.

Following the strings of unforgettable things she did was her public fall. The ex-first lady tumbled off and landed on the staircase during 2009 Jamhuri Day celebrations at Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi. However her security team saved the moment.

At her last public function – the lunching of the new constitution at Uhuru Park in August 2010 – Mama wanted it to be sensational and exceptional. She served her best dance steps to the audience who watched her show off in vibrant African steps.

The former first lady led the fight against HIV/Aids. She was a chairperson in the Organization of the 40 African First Ladies Against HIV/Aids.

She was also a philantropists that catered for the less privildged ones.