Nairobi’s traffic jam is unpleasant and nerve wrecking to say the least. Several international observers have described the traffic situation in Nairobi, using several other demeaning adjectives. Spending up to two hours on traffic for a distance of only 10km (six miles) is not unheard of.

Even more so, traffic jam in Nairobi can start from as early as 6am to 11pm in some areas and true Nairobians must have had this experience, no doubt. So around this time, the roads in Nairobi suck.

The extent of traffic in this area has prompted many to look for a way of kicking out traffic jam in Nairobi completely, but it seems almost unattainable.

Since it has become a herculean task to beat the traffic in next to no time, commuters are beginning to devise smart ways to endure the traffic.

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A number of commuters have instead opted to cope with the traffic on their journey home from work, by taking time out to watch street-side acrobats instead. Some spectators revealed that they would rather watch the entertainment from the acrobats than sitting still in public transport.

The acrobats have reduced the irking feeling one usually get when waiting for too long in the intense traffic in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

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What’s more redeeming is that the acrobats don’t really charge the watchers but instead they demand for an “appreciation” fee – a fee most watchers pay willingly without hate, and which they consider less than enough for the quality entertainment. And the stuntmen and women make about $100 (£70) from their performances close to bus stations.

According to most of these acrobats, they had acquired their acrobatic skills at orphanages and youth centres. Check out one of such typical gatherings of daily travelers on their way home from work.





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People in Nairobi can actually relate to this traffic, but now they can easily cope with it, waiting out the traffic at bus stations, while getting entertained by acrobats. The acrobats on the other hand, find it the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash from their gymnastic talents.

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