Huddah Monroe Is Fed Up With People Cyber-Bullying Her, Shouts On Instagram

Huddah Monroe can no longer put up with the insults people rain on her every single opportunity they get. She is really tired of people slut-shaming her over and over again on Social Media while she struggles to live her life like everyone else.

The BBA star has voiced out her mind on Instagram, and has requested people who have an issue with her to relate with her properly so they can work things out personally like adults, once and for all rather than casting her in the negative light for all to see.

She begs on her Instagram page:


Huddah Monroe, is a Kenyan controversial socialite and a former Big Brother Africa contestant. She is known for her extravagant lifestyle which she showcases on her social media pages.

Many follow her attractive and sexually arousing photos as well as her upper class lifestyle on social media.

However, critics with their prying eyes never let the socialite have a moment of rest anytime she does a seemingly unusual publication online.

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Countless of her Instagram followers who keep updates of her, utilizing any tiny chance to throw jabs at her.

One incident was when she shared a picture about where she allegedly said they (the pictures) were from a supposed private party she attended in the Banana Island part of Lagos State, Nigeria.


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From the pictures, it was clear that a lot of money was poured out to make the party come through, with dollar bills flying around the floor, and pricey bottles of Ace of Spades dipped into buckets of ice.

Moments later, the socialite wiped off the images probably afraid of robbery attack in a foreign land. But she appears not to have had the fastest of fingers – as some users have already screen grabbed the update.

Hundreds of users attacked her for the image, reporting that the images weren’t hers.  Thedeeply observing Instagram users showed the world, how fake the controversial Kenyan socialite is.

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The observers claimed that the pictures were posted over three weeks ago by another Instagram account/user, who happens to be a wealth-showing Nigerian, and the pictures were taken from a strip club somewhere in Atlanta.

Apart from the mentioned picture attack, the beautiful socialite has also engaged in fights with fellow celebrities including her biggest rival Vera Sidika.

Her involvement in verbal war got even to the extent of her battling with Vera Sidika over the airways to be tagged the best between Kenyan Airways and Ethopian Airways.