Huddah Monroe is one of the Kenyan socialites who have massive following from the Kenyan Youths. Huddah, together with Vera Sidika, have contributed in incorporating the western culture among the youths. Her popularity shot up when she  participated in the Big Brother Africa event in South Africa. Even though she did not emerge the winner, she managed to gain fame not only among Kenyans but also several youths across the world.

Huddah Monroe’s real name is Alhuda Njoroge. She was born in October 1991. She pursued her education in various institutions including the Kajiado Hills Girls Academy. There are several things that most of us do not know about this celebrity. She looks wealthy, an impression that makes us think that she comes from a rich family or think that she is employed in a blue chip company, is this true?

Let Us Share Some Little Known Facts About Huddah Monroe

1. She lost her father when she was a baby

Huddah is one of those individuals who may not know much about their male parents. She lost her father when she was still young. This was when she had not known much about her father’s character and personality.

2. Huddah ran away from home

Even though she looks well off, Huddah has a lot to share about her life. She deserted her home before she was old enough to take care of herself. There are several factors that are alleged to have contributed to her running away from home. She had a harsh upbringing, an upbringing that was full of various types of conflicts including domestic conflicts.

3. Her tittle ‘the boss lady’ is suggestive of her character

She is a hardworking lady who is determined to achieve a lot in life. She faced harsh realties that made her develop an unapologetic character.

4. Her closest friend is Prezzo

Huddah Monroe 1

Prezzo is a Kenyan artist who has grown up with Huddah. Huddah owes a lot of her achievements to this artist. She even claims that Prezzo is her mentor. She shares a lot with Prezzo and this could be the reason that it is alleged that she is in a relationship with the artist.

5. She has a symbolic tattoo

Huddah has a tattoo that has been inscribed in French. The tattoo symbolizes flower rebels. This is suggestive of her humility.

6. She is in a relationship

Huddah Monroe has always been accused of immorality. This was after she posted controversial photos in the media. Despite all the accusations, it is surprising to note that Huddah is in a stable relationship. She is in a relationship with a person who is famous. In an interview, she revealed that her boyfriend understands her and that all controversies raised about her are clear and resolved. She argued that her boyfriend understands her and she owes nothing to those who say she is immoral.

Huddah Monroe 3

7. She loves partying

Just like any other socialite, partying is part of Huddah’s diary. She loves attending parties and events. She studied freelance modeling after high school and partying will help her in her career. She even reveals that her earnings come from attending parties and events.

8. Her nude photos were meant for commercial purposes only

Several individuals failed to understand the intentions of this socialite. His photos were commented negatively in the media. Her semi-nude photos were meant to commercialize only. Provoking the public was not one of her intentions. The photos, according to her, were professionally created in relation to her career.

Huddah Monroe 2

9. She once abused drugs

Huddah has confessed that she once abused drugs. She claimed that her loss of weight was due to the rehab that she is undergoing. She mentioned this in response of the claims that she was HIV positive. She explained that she is HIV negative and that the weight loss that bothered many had nothing to do with her health.

10. She has four step brothers

Before, running away from home, Huddah lived with her four step brothers and step father. She was mistreated by her family members and this taught her to take her live seriously.


Huddah Monroe has a rich history. It can be a source of inspiration to those who want to become socialites. Even though some people disagree with some of her acts, her early life is a true inspiration to those who face hardship and maltreatment from family members.