Video: Tragic Story Of A Stunning Congolese Wife Chopped To Death By Her Husband

The tragic tale of a Congolese woman, Cynthia Vechel started on Monday night as her stockbroker husband in Hyderabad, India rode in his SUV to a spot about 25 km from their home with their seven-year-old daughter sitting next to him.

In his boot, there was a suitcase and a bag where a grisly secret – chopped parts of his Congolese wife’s body – lay.

Rupesh Kumar Mohanani, 36, had argued with his wife a night before the sad incident, seemingly over the fate of their marriage.

On Monday morning, the used-to-be-rich man who is allegedly facing hard financial issues, dropped his child off at school and reportedly returned home with a plan

In a fit of anger, Mr Mohanani strangled his wife and used two knives and an axe to cut up her body into pieces and package them in a suitcase and a bag.

He then waited till nightfall to wake the daughter up and ask her to come along for “a drive”.

He took a trip to an isolated spot, poured petrol on the bags and set the body parts on fire, thinking no one would find out. He did this while making his seven-year-old daughter wait in the car, said the police.

Indian man kills his wife Cynthia Vechel and attempted to burn her

Unluckily for him, a watery mud held his vehicle as he was trying to flee from the spot. He was forced to seek help from villagers who had already noticed smoke rising from the bushes. Perceiving something suspicious, they called the police. They did not allow Rupesh to leave till the police arrived.

Police officials said the locals noticed bloodstains on the vehicle too.

Indian man kills his wife Cynthia-Vechel and attempted to burn her-7

The 36-year-old stockbroker remains in custody of Cyberabad Police

According to the police, Rupesh Kumar Mohnani’s wife wanted a divorce from him. Mohnani and Cynthia had met in Congo where she worked as a club dancer in 2003.

They got married in 2008 and moved to Hyderabad. This was after the Indian called came to DR Congo (kinshasa ) around 90s.

Indian man kills his wife Cynthia Vechel and attempted to burn her-1

They tied the knot at a customary court in 2006 before being legally married in 2009. They then decided to move and settle in India in 2012 with their 4 year old daughter.

Six months later, Cynthia Vechel called her brother Darris Babeti to come live with them in India (hyderabad). They lived together until her death.

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Cynthia however had met and fallen in love with a Frenchman on Facebook and was planning to marry to him. A marriage application had also been sent online, and Cynthia was to sign the document on Monday.

Indian man kills his wife Cynthia Vechel and attempted to burn her-3

When Cynthia Vechel sought a divorce from her husband, a fight broke out. Cynthia insisted on leaving, and wished to take their five-year-old daughter with her.

The stock-broker residing in Madhapur, the IT hub of Hyderabad then chose to have her killed.

His brother-in-law, Darris said Rupesh had asked to go and spend sometime out as his family including his father was coming and he didn’t want them to find out that the boy has been staying with them.

He promised to pick him up later at night once his family leaves. So Darris waited at his friend’s place until 10pm but his brother-in-law didn’t show up so he decided to find his way home.

On arrival, he found some journalists asking him question about his relationship with Rupesh who is his brother-in-law. He declined to answer the questions and decided to go back to his friend’s house.

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The next morning Darris received a call from Rupesh with the police number claiming that he was detained for a small issue and asked him to come immediately to the Shamshabad police station.

He got to the police station only to discover that his brother-in-law was arrested for  being caught disposing the body of his sister whom he had killed. The body was found cut into 7 pieces.

A Murder case was immediately opened and is being handled by the Hyderabad police and the Congolese Embassy in India.