Hyenas Gorged On A Man Walking Home To His Family

Local chief of Ongata Rongai town have reported that hyenas are suspected to have feasted on a man eating most of his body parts.

This makes it the second time such a deadly incident had been reported at nearly the same spot in the town, Chief Vincent Leipa said via a neighborhood Whatsapp group chat.

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The incident happened on Monday night as the man was strolling home in the town, located close to Nairobi National Park.

His family has been informed of his death and is said to be seriously devastated. Police carried his almost decaying remains yesterday morning. They took it to a mortuary and claimed a post-mortem would establish the exact cause of death.

But, some newsrooms have alleged that the man was eaten by a pride of lions. Hyenas kill around 95% of all the food they eat. Ironically it has been observed that lions most commonly feed on kills made by hyenas than the other way around.

The circumstances of the death raises questions about the possibility that he was murdered somewhere else and his body dumped at the spot where it was found.

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This is because residents claim they did not hear screams or shouts when hyenas grabbed the 45-year-old man and ate him up.

It also could mean that the man died of alcohol poisoning before the human eaters attacked him on Monday night, said KWS spokesman Ngugi Gecaga

Mr Gecaga confirmed that hyenas – not lions, as reported by a local newspaper – fed on the man’s body.