See What President Uhuru Says He Will Do If He Loses In 2017 Poll

Ichaweri in Kiambu county will be welcoming its son, President Uhuru Kenyatta if after 2017 election, he does not emerge the winner.

The potential Jubilee candidate in the 2017 poll disclosed the step he will take if he fails to win 2017 poll, saying that he will head back to his home village of Ichaweri in Kiambu county if somebody else wins the much-contested State House seat.

Speaking at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru on Saturday, the president expressed his unbending belief in democracy

My union with Ruto started here in Nakuru and it was meant to unite Kenyans after the 2007/8 post-election violence; it did not matter if we won or lost. It is with that same motto that we are going into 2017,” .

He welcomed the opposition party to his dream to make Kenya one nation indeed and in practice.

Quoting the president:

“To our opponents, to whom I have extended a hand of peace, let us embrace democracy and unite Kenyans despite our political differences. Let us sell our policies peacefully and agree with the decision of the people.”

In his address during a national thanksgiving prayer day, the president further explained that peace and unity are the bane of the Jubilee government.

Stating that it is typically pointless to compete politically, the president urged the leaders to concede defeat if they lose at the ballot during the next general election.

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The President recalled the time of the previous election when he and Ruto’s were announced as his party’s representative, saying that many said they would not win because of hatred between their communities and cases at the ICC.

However, he said they both won and have been working to make sure that there is peace in Rift Valley and Kenya in general.

“Rift Valley, Molo in particular, has been the epicentre of pre and post election violence since the infamous tribal clashes of 1992,” he said. “Kenyans just want a fair government with equitable distribution of resources.”

He called on the general public to refrain from practicing tribalism, divisive politics, propaganda or dropping hate statements.

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The President said anyone who threatens peace and unity of the country will have to defeat the whole country, else the law will serve appropriate justice to the culprits.

“I am saying this in Nakuru, the home of all the 42 ethnic communities in Kenya, that whoever spreads hate speech, tribalism and crude propaganda will face the law regardless of their party or regional affiliation,”.

“The time for dirty politics is over, we will not go down the path of bloodshed, deaths, displacements and destruction of property for political competition again.”

He assured that hundreds of integrated IDPs would be put back to their normal lives by the government for the sake of ensuring justice for all.

The president hails from Kiambu county, and made it clear he will be going back to Kiambu county if he loses the 2017 elections.