Video: Teen’s Headless Body Found In His Bed At His Maragua Home

An 18 year old man, Sammy Mburu, was decapitated in execution style and his body abandoned on his bed in Ichagaki village, Murang’a south sub-county.

The headless body was discovered in his bed in Maragua subcounty on Monday morning by parents who had gone to wake him up at about

Sammy Mburu was a first-year student of Mugumoini Polytechnic. Mburu’s uncle, identified as Samuel, said the killer left the boy’s head close to his body.

His added that the family suspects that the their son was murdered by their ex-employee identified as Peter Kariuki who spent Sunday night with the deceased only to disappear that fateful morning without letting anyone know.

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According to him, the 48-year-old man was employed as a farm worker by the family last year, but after being dismissed, came back, asking to be allowed to sleep over. After considering that it was too late for him to travel to a neighbouring village where he stayed with his aunt, the family granted his request.

Samuel added that Kariuki had an axe that night but claimed that he had been working at a farm in the neighbourhood and didn’t know the night would meet him so soon. Mburu explained:

“When Kariuki came to visit, he was carrying an axe in a sack, saying he was from working in a farm in the neighborhood.I heard his parents screaming at 6am and was shocked to find my nephew’s lifeless body lying in his bed.”

However, upon waking up they noticed that the farmer had gone without informing anybody. The victim’s mother didn’t suspect any wrong event until she went to wake her son. In shock she found him headless and screamed out to the entire household to come have a look.

Afterwards, the family reported to the authorities who went to raid the his aunt’s home where he had reportedly fled to after the crime. The suspect was bundled off shortly after police arrived his aunt’s home. Witnesses say he had blood stains and was found with a bloody axe.

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One witness said they overheard him calling for the gate to be opened at about 4am when he arrived. Assistant county commissioner Anthony Kirui said they also found a blood-stained panga under Mburu’s bed.

Kirui said the suspect was being held at Maragua police station amid investigations. He asked villagers to report suspicious persons to authorities so that they can be tracked.

Watch The Video From the Incident below ( Video Source: QTV Kenya)

Residents of Ichagaki village described the teen whose life was cut-short as a “kind and sociable person who touched everyone he knew with his enthusiasm and generosity.”

In a statement, his family said he was loved by all his friends and adored by his family and extended family.

“Our family is devastated at the loss of our son and brother Sammy Mburu whose life was cut tragically short by some senseless reasons yet unknown.”