IEBC Officials Reaffirm Decision After Monday Protest Fallout

The IEBC officials yesterday expressed their defiance of the CORD protests, choosing to remain in office until the end of their term – November next year – even in the face of the disturbing pressure from opposition. 

Nine Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission chiefs led by chairman Issack Hassan have said they are ready to conduct 2017 election as they have nothing against the leadership of Kenya.

Speaking to the MPs, Hassan and his team, who appeared before the National Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs Committee over the procurement of failed 2013 electoral materials, said they would not let themselves get dismissed for unfounded allegations against them.

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The Public Accounts Committee suggested that measurable punishment will be dished out to the commissioners over failed BVR kits. Hassan said however, that he prefers jail to their innocence being exploited, adding they will be showing a bad and dangerous precedent if they go ahead and resign.

The electoral chiefs hinted their readiness to absorb any further pressure from opposition, stating that no amount of intimidation will make them leave as they serve in a constitutional office. The statement is supposedly in responds to a proposal by committee chair Samuel Chepkong’a that the commissioners dialogue over the deepening issue.

Hassan added:

“The commission has to withstand pressure from the opposition.”

After listening, Chepkong’a told the commissionersto act as a “bridge” in finding the solution for the country.

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Chepkong’a further said they are seeking for an understanding.

Based on what Chepkong’a said, persons involved are planning to have a joint sitting with the Senate to discuss the IEBC bosses and the pressure from the opposition to get them kicked out.

MPs Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills), Paul Bii (Chepalungu) and Olago Aluoch (Kisumu Town West) urged the commissioners to have the interest of Kenyans in taking decisions ahead, whether to quit or remain in office.

Moreover, CORD has vowed to continue her protest even though the police severally brutalized the party’s supporters on Monday.