Amid Fake Document Allegations, IEBC Still Clears ODM’s William Mtengo

As all candidates aspiring for the seat of Malindi Parliamentary present their nomination papers to IEBC for clearance by the commission on Monday February 8, all speculations concerning the authenticity of Willy’s school certificates have been laid to rest.

ODM’s Willy Baraka Mtengo just gained the clearance of IEBC to contest for Malindi MP, trashing all controversies concerning his academic qualifications.

Stephen Karani said the speculation is only seen as a rumour and not within their jurisdiction to investigate the matter.

According to the Presiding officer Stephen Karan’s statement today,

We are treating the issue as a mere rumour. If he has issues of integrity he should be probed by the EACC and the Education ministry.

He also said Labour Party’s Attas Shariff gained clearance of the commission as well, and is now eligible to compete with other candidates in the by-election scheduled for March 7. IEBC clearance is still ongoing in the city at the time of this report.

Tens of hundreds of Malindi locals brimmed the streets of Malindi to welcome the CORD leaders who arrived the city to campaign for their party’s candidate, Willy.

Willy Mtengo had disputed the report he faked his school certificates to obtain jobs, describing it as “cheap propaganda and gossip.” He said that those people making this claim have malicious intentions and have perceived his victory is only a few steps away.

The coming by-election will prove a few things about Willy; it will serve as a pillar of judgement for both Cord and Jubilee in the 2017 General Election.

It will also go to show the ability of Mung’aro in standing against Governor Hassan Joho in the Coast kingpin contest.

Additionally, it will prove his chances in beating Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi in the gubernatorial race.

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