Indian Engineer Wins Prestigious MIT Award For Train That ‘Flies Over’ City’s Traffic

While the country is carving more park’s land to build SGR for trains, an Indian man unveiled an amazing invention that helps add trains to a city without adding to traffic or building ugly concrete structures. We bring you the Mini Elevated cTrain

The bright concepts. An elevated “Caterpillar Train” (cTrain) is the brainchild of Indian Railways engineer Ashwani Kumar Upadhyaya.

The train is automated, fast, cheap and accessible everywhere within 0.5 km, at the furthest. It can help employees from commuting through heavy traffic. The cTrain is designed to run on renewable energy. The model can also move goods especially by providing effective linking of distribution centres. The rail cars are also smooth, minimal, and spacious.

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It features seating room only, which is minimal height, width, weight, and little visible structures.

Mini Elevated cTrain is supported by thin arches that hold up 2 levels of cTrain traffic. The arches also span a sidewalk.

Mini Elevated cTrain travels both above and below the tracks, cutting down environmental impacts. cTrain is made to be positioned as far from either side of the built environment as possible. This means that commuters can board and get off the rail cars without creating pedestrian traffic.

The invention can cover 62 miles per hour on elevated tracks.

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Upadhyaya introduced the cTrain concept at the 14th World Conference on Transport Research in China. The Indian is set to present it to leaders from businesses, non-profit organisations, governments, and communities  through MIT Climate CoLab Crowds & Climate Conference on the MIT campus in Boston.

Indian engineer invents a Mini Elevated cTrain that will fly over the city -1

Upadhyaya’s concept had already earned him a win in the MIT Climate CoLab competition. This was after the arch-supported elevated cTrain concept was the number one solution, out of all the 29 submissions in the Transportation category of MIT’s contest.

Watch The Video Below: