Child Pornography and Your Kids: What You Need to Know

Based on the speech dished out by the Secretary-General of the National Parents Association Musau Ndunda, a lot is going wrong among young school children. Ndunda really spoke out against the immorality going on in the elementary schools involving school children which the bitter aspect is the fact their parents are hardly aware of it all. He made the speech at a press conference in his office with Jogoo house, where he advised the government to heighten children’s’ act to deal with male students who make their fellow Female students pregnant.

He went further to say that all it takes is just one push of a button, or a very small part of the ‘lunch money’ and your child in elementary school will comfortably be watching adult content on mobile phones, in cyber cafes, on a laptop or a DVD player. He said that school children not only watch hardcore pornography, but they are also trying out the different ‘approach’ they find out in pornographic movies.


This should pose a huge worry to parents as it comes after the disclosure in The Standard (February 18), that one teenager is infected with HIV every two minutes and that nearly a third of new HIV infections in Kenya occur among teenagers.

According to Ndunda, “We fought pornographic magazines sometime back but our children are now accessing hardcore adult content easily through the Internet at home, in cyber cafes and on mobile phones. The problem is so rampant that some students in secondary schools have ‘specialized’ in lesbian and gay pornographic videos”

After Ndunda’s claims, two head-teachers who had granted The Nairobian interviews replied them the next day saying that they had been advised by their seniors not to talk about it since it would ruin the image of their schools in the city. But on the contrary  you will agree with me that this a very sensitive issue that needs to be addressed.

Do You Know That Your Kid May Be Watching Pornography Rather Than Studying At Night?


Generally, pornography is now hooking people up and children are not new to this act. Of course pornography is very attainable now, which has resulted in children being addicted to pornography. If only they know that pornography addiction is a serious problem.

Musau Ndunda also made it known that the problem is recently becoming very enormous so much so that students who are addicted to porn turn out to be extremely gullible to masturbation both at school and at home, or involve in sex with numerous partners’ without their parents noticing.

He mentioned that kids who have their own rooms at home will bask with ease while watching blue movies often because their parents will take it that they are busy reading. In his words,

“We have visited many schools in and outside Nairobi and the script is the same. When we win their trust they confess that they engage in orgies after watching pornographic videos sneaked into school. They masturbate, perform oral sex and engage in homosexuality,” Ndunda disclosed, adding that “in some cases, the schools and parents are in the dark but in other instances, the school management is aware but fears that taking action would ‘spoil’ the name of the school. They are forced to bear with it or expel the kids over unrelated allegations.”

Kenyan Primary Schools Head Teachers Association Chairman, Joseph Karuga added that city school children who use matatus everyday are open to lurid contents and some who have affairs with matatu groups access blue films and then go ahead to share them with school mates and friends.

Ann Wamathai, a Kenyatta University psychology student who is writing a PhD thesis on ‘Pornography viewing and aggressive sexual behaviour’ detects that most teenagers get involved in pornography between the ages of 13-18 years.

What do we call this latest revelation? To me I would dub it the second arm of Prostitution.

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