A Kenya named woman’s long-held dream of touring China was made alive for using the internet. Seve Gat is a social media user who made an amazing combination of a photo editing software and the Internet to get a result she could never have imagined.

Gat was so interested in exploring China that she resorted to Photoshop to accomplish her desire. Gat started posting a strings of pictures on her personal Facebook account. One where she posed in front of a Kenyan Airways plane, captioning it:

I have left the country to China.


But she edited the photo using the photo editing software to invent a picture that made her look so close to the plane.

In other photos Gat posted, she could be seen posing in front of the Great Wall and Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, a popular landmark in the capital of China.


She wanted to feed her conscience by achieving the feeling of touring China from Kenya through imagination since she could not afford to make the trip in reality.

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Little did she know that those photos of hers and the imagination from which she created them, would be made a reality. Gichuru, a Kenyan entrepreneur, caught sight of Gat’s edited photos, felt her plight and took it upon himself to fly her to China.


Gichuru urged his friends on Facebook to support Gat to fulfill her travel wish. His post read:

I like dreamers because I’m a dreamer and my weekend dream is your ticket to Hong Kong (or Beijing), China.

He added:

If you were serious, I mean really serious, I have good news for you, get your passport ready because your dreams are about to come true.

And it now appears Gat will soon be heading to China for real with many sponsors flooding in to help her.

Expressing her gratitude to Gichuru for helping her to get to China, Gat cautioned others not to join scammers – she hinted that someone else had opened a fake Facebook account, claiming to be her.

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Gichuru has also explained that he is only going to help Gat for her euthusiams to explore China and not any one else. He warned other social media users to not follow suit by going to edit their pictures to get similar help because it might never come from him.

According to him:

To the rest, please don’t Photoshop yourself, it won’t work.