iPhone 7: User Throws Device Off The Burj Khalifa, Another Smashes A Few

After much anticipation and speculation to the features of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus, the phone was finally unveiled this month.

Many people around the world waited in line overnight to get their hands on the device Apple describes as the best phone they have ever created.

Billionaire sons bought pieces of the phone for their pets while others bought the phone to test its features such as water resistance.

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A Ukrainian Youtuber, Tech Rax, seemed to have a different idea.

The man, who describes himself as ”specializing in smashing technology for your pleasure” took it to a whole different level.

Tech took the $749 phone to the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai and threw it down in what he called ”a drop test”.

iPhone 7

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Having thrown the phone, the career technology smasher tried to locate the device using the ‘Find my iPhone’ function.

”The only thing I can state at this point is that this thing is fried. It’s completely destroyed. The impact hit it to the point that I can’t track it.”

Tech Rax has destroyed about ten iPhone 7s and 7 pluses in videos since its release. He has successfully flushed away $6,690.

In another separate incident concerning the destruction of the iPhone, a disgruntled customer in France entered an Apple Store in Dijon and calmly smashed devices in front of Apple staff and customers.

About ten iPhones and a MacBook Air were destroyed during the burst of rage by the customer. Reports suggest the angry man had complained about his consumer rights and demanded a refund before he reacted badly.

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The man was later approached by a guard who looked to have detained him outside the store.

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