iPhone ​X: Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Latest Device Including The iPhone 8 And 8 Plus

Apple Inc. has unveiled the iPhone X, its premium smartphone which according to Chief Executive Tim Cook is “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

The much-anticipated device was revealed at a glamorous event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s headquarters in California. Two other phones, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well as the Apple Watch 3 and the Apple Watch 4K TV was also revealed at the event.

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Apple, who saw a huge decline in revenue last year because consumers had rejected its last device, the iPhone 7, due to its lack of new features and similarity to the iPhone 6, may have won back the hearts of its customers who have all embraced the new device’s dramatic redesign.

Fans queued up for hours before the event started and even though it got off to an embarrassing start with Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi having to try twice before successfully unlocking the phone with one of its new features – face recognition, have embraced the glass and stainless steel device.

iPhone X Price And Release Date

The iPhone X will not come cheap for consumers as it ushers in the age of the $1,000 smartphone.

Apple will release two versions, a 64GB version, which will start $999, and a more expensive 256GB version for $1,149.

They will be available for pre-order from 27 October and be released generally on November 3.

iPhone X

iPhone X Features

The device will have the latest technology, including an edge-to-edge OLED display, wireless charging, and facial recognition security.

It will come with a huge screen that will take up the whole front although with a small band cutting into the top of the screen. The screen is a 5.8-inch OLED super retina display; 2438×1125 resolution with 458 pixels per inch.

The back of the phone will be made from glass. It will have a 12MP dual lens camera like the iPhone 7. The selfie camera will be 7MP and also be able to function for 3D tracking.

Apple has also dropped the iPhone’s iconic home button. The display will now be enabled simply by tapping on the screen. To navigate, you can access the home screen by swiping up from the bottom, and you get to multitasking by swiping up and pausing.

The side-button is dedicated to Siri.

TouchID has been replaced with Face ID. Apple’s TrueDepth camera system lets users unlock their phone by simply looking at it. Seven separate sensors are packed into that small band at the top, and it’s how the company hopes to overcome flaws with the previous face unlock systems. It also works at night.

The iPhone X is the first iPhone to come with wireless charging. Apple plans to release a wireless charging pad next year called the AirPower which will be able to charge multiple devices at once.

iPhone X

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are upgrades to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, although, similar in appearance.

The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch screen, while the iPhone 8 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen and a dual camera lens on the back.

Their processors are the A11 Bionic, which according to Apple, is “the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone.”

Both models will have glass on the front and the back of the device which will be reinforced by a laser welded steel and copper which will make them dust and water resistant.

They will have a HD retina display and feature a 12MP camera.

While the iPhone X will not have a home button and Touch ID, the iPhone 8 will maintain both features and will also be without facial recognition.

The iPhone 8 will go on sale on September 22 with pre-orders starting from 15 September.

iPhone X

The iPhone 8 will cost £699 for the 64GB version, while the iPhone 8 Plus will start from £799 (64GB). 256GB versions will also be available.