IPSOS poll, kenyan Police ranked third worst in Africa

The name Nairobbery as Kenya’s capital city is fondly called has been backed by an IPSOS poll which says that robbery is the most common type of crime in the city.

The IPSOS survey was conducted on January 26 with 2,057 people interviewed. Criminal activities looked at include robbery, break-ins or burglaries, illegal brewing and domestic violence. Others include mistreatment of children and gender and sexual abuse, etc.

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Nairobi tops the list of Kenyan regions with a high rate of robberies at 61 percent followed by Central at 53 percent and Eastern at 51 percent.

The Coast, Western, North Eastern, Nyanza and Rift Valley regions have robberies at below 50 percent.

In cases of burglary, Nyanza has the highest number of reported cases at 25 percent. Western region and Nairobi are at 24 and 23 percent respectively with the lowest being the North Eastern region at a mere 1 percent.

Illegal brewing and sales were noted to be high in eastern and Rift Valley regions.

Domestic violence has the highest number of cases at North Eastern at 19 percent followed by Nyanza at 8 percent.

North eastern region also has the highest number in the mistreatment of children as well as gender and sexual abuse.

Cattle rustling, murder, carjacking and poaching are among other forms of crime reported in various parts of the county but whose occurrence is below five percent countrywide.

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The IPSOS poll further indicated that Kenyans are evenly divided on whether Kenya Defense Force soldiers should remain deployed in Somalia or be withdrawn.

49 percent of Kenyans support the continued deployment of KDF troops in Somalia with a similar percentage opposed.

Nearly two-thirds of those polled consider Al Shabaab threats to be at the highest level at 62% with the perception highest in Western and lowest in North Eastern and Central.

North Eastern and Central recorded the highest levels of support for continued KDF deployment in Somalia with Western and Nyanza having the least support for the continued stay.

Three-quarters of Kenyans, however, support repatriation of refugees from the country’s camps, with the highest number coming from Central, Eastern and Rift Valley and lows in Nyanza and North Eastern.