Ex Female SONU Vice Chair Makes A Sexual Declaration About Uhuru’s Re-election

The former vice chair of the Student Organization of Nairobi (SONU) Irene Kendi has sent Kenyans ballistic after she took to her Facebook page to announce that she would abstain from sex until Uhuru wins the imminent polls.

Irene Kendi, also extended her temporal celibacy to include the election of Igembe South Member of Parliament (MP) Mithika Linturi to the Senate seat in her home county Meru. She has been spotted campaigning for Linturi while donning camouflage trousers and red tees with the writing “Loyal To Linturi.”

Her post has caused a stir on social media and has quickly gone viral. Kenyans have taken turns to blast her with many calling the decision stupid while others are asking if she is a recovering sex addict.

Here is the Facebook post:

When one Facebook user commented that she had no husband and therefore should not be talking about sex. She immediately replied that one does not need a husband to have sex.

The user named Kouma Gordon M said: “Sema you don’t have Husband.” And Kendi replied; “You don’t need a husband to have sex.”

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As of today, Kendi’s post has garnered at least 4 shares, 221 likes/reactions and 160 comments.

When another user asked her why she needs to abstain from sex, she said; “The time I waste having sex should be utilised in Meru mobilizing voters for both. Sex can wait till September.”

Another user Meshack Kebenei immediately replied; “Even at night you mobilised people,,even now?”

When another user asked if she is denying herself a basic need to satisfy somebody, Irene simply replied saying; “That’s what we call loyalty.”

Irene Kendi
Irene Kendi

She has been very active since making the post replying to people’s criticising comments, thus keeping the conversation alive.

When another user slammed her in Swahili, she asked her to “Go back to school” and learn “how to insult great people in good Swahili.”

One user Kenyan Frank commented “At this rate, you need a psychiatric. Politics come and go, don’t mess your brains and integrity because after everything, that’s all you got. There is no difference between you and mama chungwa.”

However, this isn’t the first time Irene Kendi has made controversial sexual comments online.

In April 2016, an audio recording of her using curse words in almost every sentence went viral. The recording was an interview of her responding to comments someone had made about her.

Somewhere in the audio, she said; “Wacha nikuambie, every woman has a vagina…every woman f*cks, the difference is who you f*ck… Some f*ck internationally others in the village, and I don’t f*ck in the village….Those who f*ck, they f*ck for benefits, they f*ck for money…”

Irene Kendi aka Mama Yao served as vice under SONU Chair Baba Owino. Ironically, her former counterpart is supporting the opposition Raila Odinga in his bid for the nation’s highest office.

Owino holds the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket for the Parliamentary Seat in Embakasi East.

Uhuru’s supporters appear to have a sense of humour. Last week, a school pupil endorsed the incumbent party on his examination sheet. And how about the video of a baby who seems to be excited when her mommy says Jubilee and sad when she says NASA…