Is China Planning Another Colonialism On Africa?

It is almost 600 years now when the Chinese people first gained access into Africa through the coast of Kenya during the Ming dynasty, a period of cultural restoration and extension. 

Other notable arrival of Chinese people was in the early 1900s, when nearly 60,000 Chinese miners worked on goldfields in South Africa. Following that was when Chairman Mao Zedong deployed crowd of agricultural and construction workers to Africa to create a strong tie with countries in the continent breaking off from the chains of colonialism.

And now lately, Chinese has started streaming into Africa once again and this is definitely quite obvious. Up to a million Chinese people are approximated to be involved in different sectors in Africa.

The recent strength of presence of the Chinese could be linked to substandard economy – visibly caused by pervasive graft practices – which has caused African leaders to have no other effective option than embracing Chinese business entrepreneurs to Africa.

Though China has brought in a great deal of positive impacts to the continent,  but the continent is seen as a home of ignorance, which attracts Europeans and Asians and a region where one can easily build up a business and make name.

The Chinese now dominates Africa’s construction industry, creating hundreds of job vacancies for Chinese. In return, the edges of African nationals’ opportunities are taken off.

There is of course no doubt that China has impacted positively in engineering sectors in Africa, but not everything that looks precious turns out to be so. Chinese companies are narrowing the continent’s gains.

Majority of African construction companies lose countless jobs to Chinese companies. This is simply because most African leaders don’t think they are capable of delivering remarkable jobs – probably their job quotations appear cheaper than that of the foreign companies.

Since the past year, business between China and Africa is said to have a fresh new height with amount totaling US$198.5 billion.

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America and Europe attribute Chinese’s massive immigration into Africa as being caused by the country’s steady brimming of the market with less-quality but affordable products. Due to the rate of poverty, Africans rely on affordable products.

It seems they have found solution and satisfaction in Chinese products. To build a good relationship with African leaders, China continues to support and give loan to Africa to enhance its developments. As I write, thousands of Chinese nationals come into different African countries without following the required process.

But how about traveling to any Asian country, and not just China? Well, whether or not you are an African, the continent will make sure you fulfill every single requirement stipulated by its government. Ghana recently arrested thousands of illegal miners exploiting the gold industry in the country and the arrest saw hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals deported from the country.

Report by the country’s Immigration authorities shows that over 4,500 Chinese nationals bundled off Ghana following the crackdown on goldmines; which strengthened the ties between the two countries.

While a good number of Ghanaians were happy with the raid on illegal miners to curb health and environmental hazards, many didn’t like it. And this is because Chinese people who provided key equipment had left and many Ghanaian operators were pushed to quit their operations.

The important question to be asked is; Why is Africa still hugely dependent on foreign help though there is visible growth in several parts of the zone – growth that is clearly improving faster than even the world average?

We are also right to question where the money is being channelled, and the importance of colonialism when it appears the continent is still premature to be independent?

Even American’s presidential candidate Donald Trump has suggested that America may have to re-colonize some parts of the continent because we didn’t learn enough from Europeans. The American Republican front-runner slammed African leaders of being corrupt and taking to America to spread their wealth by venturing in real estate speculations.

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