Is This A Miracle Or An Accident: See The Stunning Creature This Goat Gave Birth To

Wonders they say shall never end. According to the bible, when God created the world, he asked men and animals alike to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. But just like there are accidents with cars, there are equally birth accidents that produce things that leave us dumbfounded most of the time. Starting from the cases of human con joined twins, to cases of animals giving birth to things that cannot be classified in the same category as the mother.

It is absolutely normal for a goat to begot one or as many as five billy goats at once. But when a goat delivers one goat that come with an anomaly that is completely incredible and too surprising to be to be normal.  Just yesterday one of a kind animal delivery left villagers in Kilifi County in a big puzzle.

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In the latest strange spectacle, a pregnant goat had gone into labor, and as the goat owner and his friends struggled to deliver the baby, little did they know a big surprise was waiting for them. After a long labor, the goat gave birth to a billy with two heads. The animal looked so normal except for the deformation on the head.

Guess what the owner of the goat feels might have made the billy have two heads? The owner of the goat strongly thinks that the billy-goat is a huge blessing from above, a miracle. He thinks that perhaps God just doubled the wondrous blessing he had just received. It is so not easy for you to believe it right? Me neither. Okay watch the video below to see for yourself.

Whats most touching about this video is that the owner of the goat did not feel that the two-headed billy was useless, rather, he loves it like he would have loved a normal billy-goat and even feeds it like he would his own baby. In reaction to how much the owner loves the two-headed billy, responses have poured in especially on social media with a majority of people saying that people need to learn from the man’s actions to love the disabled in the society and not to treat them like a plague as is most often done. This goat might actually be man’s salvation, what do you think?