Isaac Vatkin

You can’t imagine how overwhelming it feels taking your partner to the altar to say those magic words “I do, till death do us part”. Here’s a saddening but yet an amazing story of a couple, Isaac Vatkin, and Teresa who have been married for 69 years and yet died almost same time holding hands with each other.

Isaac Vatkin

After 69 years of marriage, the couple’s bond was so strong they died minutes apart on Saturday at a hospital in a Chicago suburb.

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The couple Isaac Vatkin, 91 and  Teresa, 89 first met in their native town in Argentina and, because they lived far apart, communicated by writing letters. They got married in 1948. They later moved to have a place in the United States where they stayed and raised their three children.

Isaac started with nothing but built a successful business as a kosher meat distributor. Teresa was a homemaker and manicurist. They had close, loving relationships with their children and grandchildren.

Isaac Vatkin

Their love grew to be so strong that they could not live without each other and they stayed together even at death.

Tragically, Isaac taught himself how to use a computer in a desperate hope for researching a cure for Alzheimer’s disease when his wife was diagnosed around ten years ago.

On Saturday, when they were both unresponsive and breathing shallowly, the staff at Highland Park Hospital wheeled the longtime Skokie residents, into the same room and put their beds’ side by side. Family members positioned their hands so they touched, Dailyherald reported.

Isaac Vatkin

Isaac died 40 minutes later after his wife Teresa had died of Alzheimer’s disease. Family members said they took comfort in knowing they were together at the end.

Late Isaac Vatkin and wife Teresa will be having a joint funeral where they will be buried next to each other.

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This is not the first time couples, close friends or relatives have died in such a succession. Previously, the iconic Hollywood star Debbie Reynolds died a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died.

The two, mother and daughter were fond of each other and have always been together in almost everything including their achievements. But when Debbie heard the news of her daughter’s demise, she couldn’t help it but wished to be with her at that moment.

Quite unfortunate, a few minutes later she suffered a severe stroke and died the next day.

It’s quite sad to lose a loved one and even more disheartening losing a partner.

The promises made during the exchange of marital vows, when you profess to be one with your partner, in sickness and in health, till death do you part; has highly been exhibited by Isaac Vatkin and Teresa and we pray that they will be together wherever they may be at the moment.