After the uncharacteristic silence since the inauguration of Donald Trump in January, ISIS has released an official statement referring to America’s new president as an idiot.

The group’s new spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajer, released the official statement in an audio recording on Tuesday.

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The little-known spokesman who moved into the post after the former long-serving spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, was killed in an airstrike last year said:

“America, you have drowned and there is no savior; you have become prey for the soldiers of the caliphate in every part of the Earth; you are bankrupt, and the signs of your demise are evident to every eye,” according to a translation by Reuters.

“There is no more evidence than the fact that you are being run by an idiot who does not know what Syria or Iraq or Islam is.”

The 36-minute long recording released via messaging website Telegram also included praise for the recent terror attacks in Europe. It also further called on ISIS followers to carry out more attacks in the US, Russia and EU states.

The spokesman said those attacks would relieve pressure on the group which is engaged in heavy fighting with Iraqi troops in Mosul, the group’s last stronghold in Iraq.

Abu Hassan al-Muhajer called it “the greatest period in our jihad… and the most dangerous turning point in our jihad”.

He, however, claimed that ISIS would never be driven from the Middle East and would continue to maintain strongholds in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

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The timing of the ISIS statement looks to be well calculated as it comes just a day after Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner traveled to Iraq. Kushner is in the Middle-eastern country to evaluate the ongoing battle with the Islamic State.

ISIS, during last year’s presidential election campaign, referred to Trump as “impulsive and unpredictable”.

There has not yet been an official response from the White House on the ISIS statement. We are, however, sure that Trump will let his feelings be known via twitter in the coming hours.

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