Italian Tourist Trampled To Death By Elephant

Tragedy struck Tsavo National Park on Sunday after an Italian tourist was trampled to death by an elephant while taking photos.

The Italian man identified as Fernando Mocclola, 66, was camping with his wife near a watering point in the park. A parade of elephants came towards the waterhole and Fernando left his tent to take photos of the animals nearby.

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Police say one of the elephants near the Sabaki River then charged at him as he took photos.

African elephants are the heaviest of its kind with the African bull weighing up to six thousand kilograms. They can also reach a top speed of 40km per hour over short distances. The speed will rival the fastest human being and with that weight, one would not stand a chance of survival.

Italian Tourist

The 66-year-old Italian tourist sustained serious injuries and died before he could be air lifted to hospital.

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The accident which occurred at Swara camp in the Tsavo National Park, near the Kenyan coast, was confirmed by Malindi’s police chief.

Malindi Police chief Muchangi Mutava confirmed the accident, explaining that the elephant may have been spooked by the actions of the deceased.

”He may have moved closer to them, provoking the one that charged at him after it felt it was under a threat.”

He added that precautionary measures would be taken to avoid such accidents from repeating in the future.

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Travel documents show that the couple had been in Kenya for almost a month, enjoying their holiday. The Italian tourist’s body lies at the Malindi hospital mortuary where an autopsy will be done.