Italian Woman Commits Suicide

An Italian woman commits suicide after she found out the hard way that stronger than a lover’s love is a lover’s hate.

Tiziana Cantone filmed herself performing a sexual act on a man and sent the footage to an ex-boyfriend to taunt him. Her ex-boyfriend in retaliation uploaded it to the internet.

The video became popular online sparking a trend of parody videos. Dozens of videos with the phrase ”are you making a video? Bravo” which she used in the original video was being said in the uploaded videos.

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The lady from Naples could not handle the negative attention from social media as she slipped into depression. Close friends and relatives of the 31-year-old say she was on the brink of suicide for months prior to her death.

Italian Woman Commits Suicide

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Miss Cantone received abusive messages and was often made fun of when recognized on the street. She had to quit her job and filled documents to grant her a name change. The court of Naples North granted her request to help her avoid being recognized.

Reports are suggesting she sent the video to him to help keep him away and to stop him from trying to patch the relationship. She however didn’t expect what followed as the video was widely shared online.

Roberta Manzillo, Ms Cantone’s lawyer helped by suing a number of search engines as well as people actively sharing the sex tape on social media.

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”We have appealed to the right to be forgotten law. Facebook was immediately ordered to remove the content from its social network platform and to remove every post or publication containing images that refer specifically to the person.”

Prosecutors in Naples have opened an investigation into Tiziana’s death. Criminal charges are likely to be filed against either the ex-boyfriend or repeated taunters.