Jackline Mwende

The sad horrific story of domestic violence was thrown into the spotlight last year after a woman named Jackline Mwende in Masii, Machakos county was mutilated by her husband.

Ms. Jackline suffered a very abusive marriage which led to her husband cutting off her hands with a machete for supposedly being infertile.

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Fertility tests have, however, shown that Jackline Mwende was fertile while her husband Ngila had the trouble-causing fertility issue.

The 34-year-old man was soon after arrested and charged with attempted murder which he denied.

The woman was fitted with prosthetic hands and had all her medical bills footed by the county government, who also put her on a KSh 30,000 monthly salary for a year.

The woman has now received another gift in the form of a house and a business to run for her upkeep.

German organization, Merck More Than A Mother, built a four-room house fitted with solar power and a water tank for the woman on her father’s farm in Kathama village.

Jackline Mwende

The house was handed over to her by Taita-Taveta Women Representative Joyce Lay, who lobbied the organization to intervene. The organization also opened up a fully stocked shop for the woman in Masii town to enable her cater for herself.

”Mwende didn’t deserve what she went through and especially that her husband is the one who was found with the infertility problem and not her,” said Joyce Lay.

”Society, government and all stakeholders need to continue to join hands with Merck in their campaign to encourage the acceptance of people living with infertility because the stigma associated with infertility puts pressure on them to a point where they do crazy and criminal things. We need to know that it’s a shared responsibility, not just for the couple but for the society too,” she added.

Ms. Jackline Mwende thanked the organization for their help and urged them to continue their service to humanity.

”I am very happy for your help. Now, I will be able to at least support myself financially,” she said.

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The county government also employed a helper for the lady because she cannot touch water or go near fire due to her prosthetic hands.

Ms. Mwende’s husband Ngila was released on a bond of KSh 200,000 and is currently answering the case in court.