Husband Slices Off Wife’s Two Hands For Not Being Fertile

A woman identified as Jackline Mwende was attacked by her husband and had her hands hacked off because she “is infertile”.

Before the incident, the victim, Jackline Mwende went hunting for advice on her bad marriage but was told what almost every Kenyan woman in abusive relationships would potentially be told; work out your marriage.

A pastor  told the 28-year-old woman from Kathama Village, Masii in Machakos County to get marriage fixed  by going on bended knee.

Ms Mwende, following the advice of the man of God, stayed in the relationship despite having been the victim of abuse for so long.

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She remained in it until her 34-year old husband named Stephen Ngila Thenge chopped off her wrist. The man allegedly chopped off the woman’s hands after seven years of marriage with a large knife because their union has not produced any child.

Ngila, the handsome looking man, is facing charges now for butchering off both his wife’s hands.

Recent tests ran by a hospital in Nairobi, however, found that Ms Mwende was fertile and healthy but her husband had reproductive “issues” and is infertile.

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Kenyan woman hands chopped off for 'being infertile -4

Ms Mwende, who spoke to The Nation at her father’s Kathama home, where she now stays after her discharge from the hospital on Friday, July 29, said that before the attack, they had separated for about three months over failure to have children.

Ms Mwende said she met Mr Ngila shortly after she completed her Standard Eight at Kathama Primary School, Machakos County, in 2010. According to her, they felt the connection the first time they met each other.

Then her husband was humble, “kind and has other qualities of a God-fearing man,” she said. He was a tailor in Masii town.

Kenyan woman hands chopped off for 'being infertile'

He roped her into the business, and she learned how to make dresses and clothes. They had a church wedding three months after they met because they were very much in love.


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He later became violent and began to drink. He started returning home late after spending the better part of the day at bars. Until on Sunday (24July) when he took the whole attack and violence to the extreme.

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Narrating her ordeal, she said:

“I could not understand why he was blaming me yet we had gone to hospital last year and the doctors had said he was the one with issues, which could be corrected,” she said. She said her husband, a tailor at Masii town, refused to follow up on treatment. He moved out of our house three months ago and came back on Sunday (July 24) at around 8.30pm. When I opened the door, he said ‘today is your last day’ and started slashing me with the panga.”

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Ms Jackline Mwende called out for help but the man fled before neighbours arrived. They saw the woman lying helpless and covered in blood. Many thought she was dead when they got to the hospital. The man was arrested on Monday July 25 in Machakos town hours after he fled his home in Masii.

Neighbours said their seven-year old marriage featured steady fights due to childlessness. However the woman stayed to save her marriage. The nighbours also said Mr Thenge is a very “polite man”.