Jacob Juma Assassination: How Jacob Juma Knew He Would Be Killed

Authorities say businessman Jacob Juma was targeted and killed by unknown assailants On Thursday. Jacob Juma’s assassination on Thursday has raised concerns across Kenya as many debate on why he was killed. 

According to officers, they found Mercedes Benz KAL 007W in a bush with shattered windows and 10 bullet holes at the driver’s door and other sides of his car. They also saw the body of a man who they identified as Jacob Juma, 42, using some documents found in the car at about 10pm Thursday on Ngong Road, near Lenana School, by a team of searchers.

Discovered slightly a few moments after the shooting, two mobile phones, Sh6,500, $3, 5 five euros and five pounds were also found in the car along with the documents including one that noted Juma was director of Cortec mining. The police also said the attackers seem not to have stolen anything.

Jacob Juma

The vehicle was taken to Karen police station and the body to City Mortuary. A Dagoretti police officer said there had been a shooting in the area and that investigations have started immediately The controversial thing hovering around the assassination of the businessman, Jacob Juma, is that he seemed to have had a strong premonition of his doom, if his Twitter posts are anything to go by.

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Juma, a strong supporter of Cord leader Raila Odinga, entered into a habit of tweeting everything and anything he felt was right. His updates accused politicians on several occasions of robbing Kenyans of their peace, describing the government officials as “enemies of progress.”

The outspoken and bold business mogul through his Twitter did not only sap his enemies’ wrists with deep intensity, he also fulminated against friends. He was always slamming the government whenever it treats Raila wrongly.

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At one point, the tycoon, who clearly gathered more enemies than friends, both in government and around the world while alive, tweeted about his death. He made his first claim about the attempt on his life on December 10, when he alleged that a senior government official was obsessed with killing him.

He said a meeting had been held the previous week. A week later, he proclaimed that he had reached the pinnacle of his life and was therefore not afraid of death.

 On March 1, 2016, he offered himself to be killed for the common good of all Kenyans in order to end corruption.

Three weeks later, on March 25, 2016, he made the same offer.

Then on April 10, this year, he made this promise about DP William Ruto when he gets to heaven.

Here Are Some Of His Tweets Against President Uhuru

Mr @UKenyatta your dictatorship leadership will plunge Kenya into another Bosnia. You can’t use armed Police and APs to stop CORD from IEBC.

— jacob juma (@kabetes) April 25, 2016Mr @UKenyatta you are a terrible tyrant that should be impeached immediately. Are you displaying army men to intimidate us in 2017 election?

— jacob juma (@kabetes) April 20, 2016He did not leave the Supreme Court out.

Dealing with IEBC and Supreme Court is like marrying a slut from Koinange street and expecting her to be loyal and faithful. She can’t!!!

— jacob juma (@kabetes) April 22, 2016

Juma who was always at raining criticisms on DP William Ruto, wrote several tweets castigating him. He attacked him particularly on the ICC case that was terminated in April.

Ruto has not compensated the poor peasant farmer that he had stolen his 100 acres from yet we celebrate in stadiums???

— jacob juma (@kabetes) April 17, 2016

He also made sure he fought corruption by merely posting documents on social media, but not without criticising those allegedly involved.

For corruption to end, Uhuru and Ruto MUST go. They smell graft, look like graft, eat and enjoy graft, and their blood flow is graft.

— jacob juma (@kabetes) April 13, 2016

Madam @Lagarde please note that Kenya govt accounts for missing Ksh176 billion Eurobond are cooked. IMF is colluding pic.twitter.com/v1twRFdhJC

— jacob juma (@kabetes) April 14, 2016

His latest tweet concerned police guarding the IEBC during Cord protests, who fired teargas at leaders as they sought to forcefully remove commissioners.