Jacob Juma Murder: Witness Narrates How The Mogul Was Assasinated

Reports have revealed that the slain businessman, Jacob Juma had about seven bullet wounds on his head.  

He allegedly received a total of ten bullets with seven targeting his head and three his chest as he was about join the Southern by-pass, a proof that the incident was plain assassination carefully executed to terminate his life.

The billionaire who was slaughtered in a seemingly professional shooting was on his way back to his Karen home from a bar in Kilimani where he had gone to have a refreshing time.

His assassination prompted several conspiracy theories on social media most of which accused both government and his business rivals for his assassination.

Police said they discovered the body of the controversial businessman Jacob Juma at 9.30pm on Thursday night in Nairobi sitting lifeless in his car.

According to the police, nothing seemed to have been stolen from Juma or from his Mercedes Benz Car.


A cash of Sh6300 and 500 US dollars were recovered in the incident. He was still wearing his gold Rolex watch and he had two mobile phones on him by the time the police arrived.

Other relevant documents were also found in the car with court papers and Treasury documents about the Eurobond were also inside the bullet riddled car.

A motorist who claimed to have witnessed the incident gave a narration of how it happened. The motorist said he saw an unidentified vehicle cut in front of Juma when he had almost joined Karen bypass forcing him to slow down.

Then, a motorbike driver rode very closely to the car and a gunman sitting at the back shot Juma.

After the shooting, the car and the motorbike zipped off in different directions. Juma’s car on the other hand ran off the road and crashed into a bush.

Detectives from Karen police station including CID boss Kenneth Njoroge visited the scene of the shooting this morning.

The officers found no cartridge cases on the road or inside Juma’s car, which shows that the assailants  had a cartridge holder on their rifles. They were very careful to conceal every tracks.

The reason for his murder is still unknown but the businessman gathered several enemies both in government and private sectors while alive.

Speaking of business, the self-proclaimed anti-corruption activist was engaged in some potentially dangerous business deals himself.

In 2013 he tried establishing a shopping complex inside City Park until the National Land Commission revoked the title deed saying the allocated was not legal.

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In 2012 his company Erad Suppliers was awarded Sh521 million for breach of contract from National Cereals and Produce Board even though it never delivered 40,000 tonnes of white maize ordered in 2004.

Speaking of Politics, the businessman targeted high-profile politicians in his tweets. He via his Twitter accused DP Ruto of conspiring in a meeting to have him killed.

He spoke up each time CORD is wronged as he is huge supporter of the coalition.

Following the news of his death, Cord ordered that President Uhuru Kenyatta set up a commission of inquiry into Thursday night’s murder of controversial businessman Jacob Juma.

A press conference at Parliament Buildings yesterday described the murder as “extraordinary and inhumane”.

Moses Wetang’ula, the Senate Minority leader and Bungoma Senator said:

“We want an open-minded investigation to get who killed Jacob Juma. This was not an ordinary killing by ordinary robbers.” 

The Cord co-principal said the nature of the execution pointed to a well-planned elimination plot.

According to him:

“Robbers do not pump ten bullets into a person, they would want to spare some for other missions. No robber can kill you and walk away without stealing from you”.

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Wetangula suggested also that all individuals and officials who Juma mentioned in his social media posts should be interrogated.

“We are not saying that they (the people Juma mentioned) killed or planned Juma’s murder but in the nature of investigations all of them must be interrogated”, said Wetangula.

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale added that the party which Jacob Juma comes from, will not sleep or get tired until his killers are brought to book.

Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa  further stated that Juma mentioned several people on land grabbing and the Eurobond. All those mentioned must record statements.

Former presidential candidate Martha Karua’s Narc Kenya also condemned the “the gangland style execution” of businessman Jacob Juma.

In a statement yesterday, secretary general Ambrose Nzombo demanded investigation, arrest and prosecution of the culprits.