Jacob Juma's Widow

The wife of assassinated businessman Jacob Juma said on Thursday that she is yet to be interrogated by police, a week after her husband was gunned dead. Miriam spoke after a memorial service at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi.

She also said she only knew of her husband’s death when she had gone to drop their children off at school, in spite of her home being very close to Karen police station.

She questioned the genuineness of the investigation.

Her comment reads:

“Its so sad that after he was murdered, nobody came to alert us,”. “It is hurtful… the way he died… We will not rest until my husband’s killers are found. I simply don’t understand what police mean when they say an investigation is underway because I am yet to see the impact.”

The requiem mass for Jacob Juma, which took place on Thursday, saw many other speakers grab the opportunity to lambaste police’s claim that they are carrying out investigations into the killing.

At the event, Juma’s nine-year-old son eulogies:

 “If I have to meet my great father again, I would. He was the best dad I could have ever had. He is a friend who put his energy into what he believed in. When he said something, he meant it. He tried to bring us peace but we killed him. But it doesn’t matter. A man is still a man even if he has passed.”

His 12 year old son added:

“We know we will meet him in heaven.”

Blogger Alai also paid tribute to the slain businessman and took the chance to urge the government to avoid being impartial in pinpointing the killer of the outspoken man. Alai claimed that Jacob Juma did not die the time that was alleged. He said the tycoon was still alive past 10pm as his WhatsApp was active. Reports say the businessman was shot dead in an attack at about 9.30pm last Thursday night.

He expressed his disappointment over the country being run and governed by the mafia, likening the mafia to the leaders including the President and the Chief Justice. Cord leader Raila Odinga also praised the dead man. He recalled his meeting with the billionaire in 2003 when he was Roads minister and one of the owners of a construction company. Raila added that Juma feared for his life while alive a day before his murder.

Moses Wetang'ula on-juma's deah

Quoting Raila:

“Jacob spoke of issues of national important like the NYS and Eurobond scandals. He knew of the dangers ahead but always acted bravely. I believe he died for a worthy cause.”

The Opposition chief roped in the IG’s demand to get him record a statement, stating he will never do that. Wetang’ula stressed the fact that he will never record any statement at the station saying police have skeleton in their cupboard.

Raila , while speaking, said:

“The IG has the impudence to ask Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula and I to record statements. He can tell that to the parrots and dogs because he knows who killed Juma”

Raila also promised that Juma’s will be the last innocent life that will be cut short in Kenya, irrespective of who is in power.

He further commented:

“The hit squad that killed Juma is known. We will not allow Kenya to be led by murderers and thieves because we value lives.”

He dished out a tip to the IG Joseph Boinett, linking Juma’s numerous tweets as better evidence to nab the killers. Co-principal Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka said he does not doubt that Juma’s killing was a “state-sponsored killing.”

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Kalonzo assured that Opposition leaders will spearhead the investigations into the heinous act, swearing not let the slain man go like those who have fallen in the basket of assassinated leaders. Pledging to liberate the nation, he urged Amani leader Musalia Mudavadi to leave Jubilee and join with CORD in the fight against political assassination.

Jacob Juma died aged 42 in an attack last Thursday night. A post mortem report shows he had no wounds to the head and that he was killed by two shots to the chest. The motive of the killing has not been established by police said they launched an investigation and appealed for helpful information from the public.