Jaguar Gifts His Primary School Teacher With An Expensive Car

Renowned singer, Charles Njagua alia Jaguar on Sunday January 24, 2015 amazed his primary school teacher Evanson Gathigu with an eye-catching and peculiar gift. 

The extravagant singer and board member of the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse presented Gathigu with keys to a Toyota Rav 4 as a way of expressing his appreciation for helping him complete his primary school education.


The celebrated singer made this presentation at the PCEA Githirime church in Thogoto, Kiambu County. He noted while handing over the keys to his formal tutor that the teacher had welcomed him to school soon after the death of his mother.

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According to him,  Mr Gathigo now retired, was the head teacher at Magutu-ini Primary School in Kikuyu where the singer schooled. He had listened to young Jaguar’s misfortune and had assisted him in going back to school.

Quoting Jaguar;

When I lost my mum, I went to live with my aunt in Thogoto where I sold water since I had dropped out of school. I was out of school for about eight months but I wanted to go back and finish my primary school education,

The singer wrote on his Facebook:

“When my mum passed away I had just completed Class Eight and didn’t have someone to take me to high school. After one year out of school, my uncle tried to take me back to school at Musa Gitau Primary but they refused and said I couldn’t talk English and also was very expensive for my uncle and his wife to pay for me. I started selling water at Thogoto shopping center during the day when my guardians were at work.

One day I saw a school next to Thogoto Teachers College called Magutuini Primary and decided to enter and try my luck. I met the headmaster at the gate and introduced myself and my story and he listened to me and told me to enter Class Seven and start learning.

He changed my life and I will forever thank God.


He also had a word for the youth during the service, saying:

I would like to call upon youths with close monitoring of parents to study hard and do any work that’s available. Through this we will keep our youths busy and prevent them from engaging in criminal activities and joining groups like the dreaded Al Shabaab group.

Jaguar is really fond of his teacher as he had spent a part of the Christmas season in 2015 with the Gathigu.

Well, not just his teacher, the musician seems to know just how to show financial gratitude to people who had impacted on his life, his family inclusive. His actions dish out a moral lesson that requires us to extend a helping hand as often as we can, because the mouth you feed today might feed you with better food tomorrow.

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