Jamaican Singer Alaine Laughton May Fully Relocate To Kenya

Jamaican singer Alaine Laughton has fallen so in love with Kenya that she might not just be searching for Wafula, but also to perpetuate her stay in Kenya.

Known by her first name, the Jamaican American reggae singer and songwriter dropped a single called “Wafula” which sheds light on her crave to settle down with a Kenyan man.

The New Jersey born, who moved to Jamaica at the age of three, apparently wants to make another relocation as a grown woman.

She does not want the lyrics of her song to up end like other lyrics of any song as she is considering to put this desire into work by moving to the country.

Following the launching of her new track Wafula on Churchill Show last year, the visiting Jamaican star says she is thinking of putting up an establishment in Kenya.

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That’s not all. The star, who was born on September 21, 1978, discovered her talent quite on time and went into entertainment fully afterwards, also said she might have her residence here  in Kenya.

A source had revealed that:

She has said numerous times that she loves this country and is seriously considering moving here. She loves Nairobi and calls Kenya her second home.

It was even alleged that the songstress Alaine was supposed to take part in this year’s edition of Beyond Zero marathon but could not make it. Though Buzzkenya couldn’t independently verify her excuse for not showing up.

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Alaine had flown into the country to shoot the video of the song after it gained popularity. The Jamaican star took a trip to Kakamega for the shoot accompanied by Churchill.

Have a glimpse of the some behind the scene photos of the video shoot and watch the video below:















And Below Is The Video By The Jamaican Star, That Caught Kenyan Men’s Attention, In case You’ve Not Seen It


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