5 Smartest James Bond Actors

The James Bond franchise of movies has been a darling for numerous movie lovers meaning there will always be a buzz created by anything related to it. Of the many perspectives from which the franchise can be reviewed, it is worth noting that the movies have witnessed some brilliant acting from the many James Bond actors to ever grace our screens. The following is an analysis of the top 5 smartest James Bond actors.

Smartest James Bond Actors

1. Sean Connery

Sean Connery

Top on the list of the smartest James Bond actors is arguably Sean Connery. The Scottish-born actor wowed the entertainment world with slick moves and stunts in 7 of the first ever Bond films. The only exception is one movie in which George Lazenby replaced him. Although Ian Fleming created the James Bond character, Sean Connery is credited with depicting the Bond character exactly as Fleming projected it to be. He wittingly balanced a strong yet humorous Bond character. His portrayal of a skilled yet ruthless and well-mannered James Bond in “Goldfinger” earned him plaudits across the entertainment industry.

2. Timothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton

Following Connery at the second spot is Timothy Dalton. Film critics agree that he is the only actor who paints James Bond as real as he can get in accordance with Ian Fleming’s character. Timothy Dalton is so good that you get the urge to watch “Licence to Kill” all over again. He is a smart James Bond in that he disliked killing people though he knew he eventually had to. Dalton executes the Bond role so well by being much more aggressive and violent. He stands out as a James Bond who resents his job despite being incredible at it.

3. Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan

Despite coming at third place, I have to give it up to Pierce Brosnan as he became the symbol of agent 007, James Bond. Brosnan revived the James Bond character into relevance by giving an outstanding performance in “Goldeneye”. He gave the franchise the rare combination of attitude and charm as witnessed by his tenderness in “Tomorrow Never Dies” and his ruthlessness in “The World is not Enough”. Pierce Brosnan has been cheeky enough on-screen to avoid getting emotional like Timothy Dalton and acting tough like Sean Connery.

4. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is our fourth entrant to the top 5 of the smartest James Bond actors. He was adorable as James Bond in “Casino Royale” though most film analysts in the entertainment industry believe that he has bigger shoes to fill for his predecessors. This argument is understandable considering he is the current James Bond having acted in two films so far, the other being “Quantum of Solace”. He has every ingredient to be the strongest James Bond, but the charisma required for the role is nothing new as his predecessors exhibited this with ease, meaning he needs to find a new angle to capture the hearts of movie lovers.

5. Roger Moore

Roger Moore

Finally, Roger Moore is one of the smartest James Bond actors to have ever done it. He kept the Bond character alive by featuring in the films when the entire franchise was going through a tough period. In addition, he took over from Sean Connery, whose witty acting was hard to follow and managed to keep the franchise ticking throughout the 1980s. He is fondly remembered for his James Bond role in “Live and Let Die”, which grossed more revenue than Sean Connery”s “Diamonds are Forever”