‘JAP Is Plotting To Rig By-Election’ – Governor Isaac Ruto

Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto has revealed that there are plans to interfere with the upcoming Nyangores Ward by-election. His warning comes as the race for Nyangores Ward seat gets hotter.

In a statement during a campaign rally to drum-up support  for the candidate of Peoples Patriotic Party of Kenya Andrew Maritim at Kapkwen, the governor said some group of people are planning to manipulate the result of the coming by-election.

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Ruto went particular and pointed fingers at JAP saying there were reports that Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) would deploy party agents to pull a wool in voters eyes to make them vote for its candidate Richard Leitich.

Ruto said at the rally:

“We have reports that people will be deployed to mislead voters to mark a tick and a cross in the ballot papers,” 

Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ngeno was also present at the rally.

While many may accuse Isaac Ruto of already sensing defeat and is looking for excuse to question the result, care should be taken to make sure by-election is free of fraudulent acts.

This can be best avoided if IEBC will devise a way of completely eliminating any trace of corruption and ensure that counting of the votes is straightforward.

Meanwhile, Miguna Miguna has prophesied that President Uhuru will not lead this country in 2017 if he does not do something radical to eliminate corruption in the country.

Miguna also made reference to the reports of illegal trade in sugar and charcoal by the Kenyan Defence Forces, and accused governing institutions of being a part of corruption.

His accusation nets in the report that disclosed KDF is allegedly connected in a $400 million (Sh41 billion) sugar and charcoal smuggling business that funds Al Shabaab militants in Somalia.

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