Japan To Build Kenya’s First Omena Processing Factory In Budalangi

Kenyan is East Africa’s biggest economy no doubt. Reports have it that Japan is about to begin building the first Omena-processing factory in Kenya.

Even though the country’s economy has seen some positive changes, it’s big hopes that it would climb the ladder of Africa’s most successful growth stories’ has been under threats.

New World Bank report has it that Kenya underperformed its peers in economic growth, investment, and exports over the past years. This can be seen in the country’s GDP per capita growth which has been more sluggish than its peers, making her goal of being an upper middle-income economy by 2030 almost farfetched.

But the dream can’t be said to be entirely impractical especially as even more international investors are seeing Kenya as a profitable investment base. One of such investments is one recently announced by the Japanese government.

The Japanese government has said it will build a Sh8 million omena-processing factory in Budalangi. The factory will of course add to the only 75,000 formal jobs being created a year in the country.

The government stated this during the pioneering ceremony in Marenga and according to Deputy Ambassador Mikio Mori, the factory was being created to help self-help groups.

He said that the Japanese government has been offering financial assistance to community self-help groups in Kenya since 1989, adding that the project is to be of service to the economy.

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This project or factory which works to empower the self-help group economically, will process fish, rice and even animal feeds for Busia residents after it is completed and commissioned.

Deputy Ambassador Mikio Mori also said the government in collaboration with the Budalangi Constituency Development Fund are the key sponsors of the project.

He further stated that Budalangi Constituency Development Fund procured the land where the factory was being constructed.

Quoting the Ambassador:

The grant will be used for construction of the plant, installation and purchase of packaging machines, which will ensure the products are well-packaged and transported.

Lauding the project, Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba said the project was initiated to empower Kenyan youths. The MP said the partnership will bring about the first omena-processing plant in the whole of the country.

He called on the overall public to welcome the project and give it maximum support, so it will be more effective and of great importance to ensuring that the economy is boosted.

It is also worthy of note that while new factories are choosing Kenya as their locations, the country will need to boost stagnating industries to create more jobs for its youth in order to achieve its goal of joining the strings of developed economies by 2030.

Though most Kenyans have witnessed that the economy is now much more dynamic and inventive since the past decade, looking at the data, nonetheless, indicates that there is need for more work in order to reach the economic target.