Princess Mako: Japanese Emperor’s Grand Daughter Gives Up Royalty To Marry A Commoner

They say love is a wonderful thing as is the case in this amazing story concerning the Japanese Princess.

Princess Mako of Akishino, the granddaughter of Emperor Akihito has shown that matters of the heart can make us do unimaginable things.

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The Imperial Household have announced that plans are underway for the 25-year-old Japanese princess to become engaged to Kei Komuro. Komuro, 25, is a law firm worker and graduate student who once starred in a tourism campaign as “Prince of the Sea.”

The couple met about five years ago at a restaurant in Tokyo’s Shibuya at a party to talk about studying abroad, and have been seeing more of each other in recent months.

Komuro has worked as ‘Prince of the Sea’ to promote tourism to the beaches of Shonan in Kanagawa prefecture.

Japanese princess

However, according to Japanese Imperial law, any Princess that gets married to a commoner will leave the Imperial family. So once Mako gets married, she will no longer be a princess but just a commoner.

Princess Mako’s father and her younger brother are in line to succeed Emperor Akihito but only after her uncle, Crown Prince Naruhito, who is first in line.

This is not the first time we have heard of such actions (a princess giving up royalty) but there are rather very few people in the world who can do same for the sake of love.

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The process building up to the wedding is likely to take some time and be full of rituals, as Japanese nuptials, especially royal ones, tend to be.

First, there will be an announcement, the equivalent of an engagement, and then a date for the wedding will be picked when the couple will make a formal report to the emperor and empress. Mako has already introduced Komuro to her parents, and they’ve approved.

Unlike royalty in other places such as Great Britain and other European countries, the emperor and his family tend to be kept away from the public eye, although they travel abroad and appear at cultural events.

Japanese Princess

Therefore, little is known of the Japanese princess other than she was a student at the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo in April 2010.

According to reports, Princess Mako is the first member of the Imperial family to have attended University.

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Talking about royals marrying commoners, it is actually not so hard for a prince to get married to a commoner (female) but it’s quite rare for a Princess to leave royalty for a commoner and Princess Mako has exhibited this great action.

Other royals that have married commoner include Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria who met her husband, Prince Daniel, while he was working as her personal trainer. Before this, he had served in the Swedish Army. The couple announced their engagement in 2009 and wed in June of 2010.

We wish them both everlasting love and happiness as they cleave to each other.