Jemima Sumgong Resumes Duty After Winning London Marathon

Jemima Sumgong has reported back on duty even though she is still fresh from winning the London Marathon‬ after an unpleasant fall.

Jemima Sumgong is a member of the Kenya Air-force‎, and immediately after the expected celebration, has set aside the big title, resuming work immediately after she arrived Kenya. 

The champion has competed and won several races, including the London, Rotterdam and Las Vegas Marathons, and has finished runner-up at the Boston, Chicago and New York City Marathons. She has a personal best of 2:20:48 hours for the distance.

Sumgong started running internationally in 2004. She saw a lot of improvement when she finished as a runner up on the American road circuit in 2005 after she came second in one of her races. The international runner has since gathered many victories in different races.

She once ran a 15K personal best of 49:39 minutes at the Utica Boilermaker. She also once ran the fastest ever half marathon in Trinidad and Tobago, and won a race in Saint Augustine in 1:12:08 hours. Sumgong ran her first marathon in 2006 at the Las Vegas Marathon. And then she joined the Kenyan Armed Forces in 2009.

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She later got married to Noah Talam, another Kenyan marathon runner. They both took some time off running, to raise a family, and subsequently had a daughter in 2011. In 2010, she returned to the tracks.

In 2016, Jemima Sumgong gained her first marathon win in spite of falling and hitting her head against the road when she crashed with another runner – the first win by a Kenyan in the women’s main race, for five of the past six years.

The winner of the London Marathon women’s elite race got almost tumbled off once again after a seemingly rogue spectator ran onto the route. The pictures of the apparently destructive cheering stormed the internet after the race.

It’s not clear whether the man, who was wearing a black jacket and cap, was trying to ruin the race or put the determined runner off her winning mark, but it didn’t matter afterwards because she made the finish line first.

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