Joash Maangi Suspended For Visiting Deputy President William Ruto

Deputy Governor Joash maangi has been suspended by the co-ordinating committee of Kisii County Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) as the party’s Branch Organizing Secretary for going to visit Deputy President William Ruto in his rural home. 

This comes after Mr Deputy Governor Joash Maangi was alleged to have led a delegation from Nyamira and Kisii counties to visit Deputy President William Ruto’s rural home in Eldoret some days back.

ODM’s interim secretary and Youth League leader Eric Janganya while addressing the media, revealed that the deputy governor through his actions had openly disregarded and mocked the Constitution of Kenya, the Political Parties Act, 2011 as well as the ODM party constitution.  .

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Mr Janganya added that the deputy governor didn’t stand up for ODM or its policies for allowing himself to be connected with rival Jubilee Party, openly dealing with the Jubilee coalition and promoting its principles.

According to the statement, Assembly Speaker Kerosi Ondieki, the party’s vice chairman has also been suspended for being part of the Eldoret delegation.

Joash Maangi justified the move he made by stating that the meeting did not feature anything political. In his words:

“We went there to engage with the Government through the Deputy President on matters development.”

He went on to say;

The initial request to visit Ruto’s home was done by the assembly members. We visited his home as political leaders and friends to the Deputy President. All leaders were invited and every MP was to select 100 people from his constituency.”

However Janganya defiantly maintained that Maangi should keep out of the party, saying that the branch officials are going to send a report to the party’s disciplinary committee to deliberate on the matter.

Janganya said:

“If he and his other accomplices want to decamp to Jubilee; they should do so fully aware of the provisions of the Political Parties Act,”

How Joash Maangi Reacted To This:

Deputy Governor Joash Maangi disclosed that despite all the fuss, the party had full knowledge of his absenteeism on the day the party held a county meeting chaired by Senator Chris Obure who is also the party chairman.

But ODM insisted that the Eldoret meeting was a political meeting to draw attention and applause to irrelevant development agenda, stating:

“This is a plot by Maangi and his accomplices to gain materially from the Jubilee coalition while lying to them that they can deliver the Gusii vote in the forthcoming general election. It is also an attempt to undermine the gains made by devolution and the 2010 constitution,”.

Following the party’s insistent decision, Deputy Governor Joash Maangi dared it to suspend him over his visit to the deputy president’s home.

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