A policeman in Nakuru identified as John Waweru was apprehended for reportedly attacking and raping a young woman along a road in Nakuru county.

The Police officer of the lowest rank, is facing charges after he attacked a waitress while she was going home at about 10pm on Monday night.

The 18-year-old woman who is with a baby recalled that she ran for her life as the officer chased her on. He later caught up with her, knocking her about with blows before raping her as well as injuring her lips with a bite.

The woman narrated that despite her being six months pregnant, the constable policeman sexually assaulted her and did not protect her against disease.

According to the victim:

“I suspect that the police has a questionable health status because he removed the condom at one point as if he remembered he needed to share his illness and pushed the condom into my mouth and then proceeded without it”.

The woman revealed that she never speaks to Waweru but was aware that he duty post was at Keringet police station. She further noted that the policeman had to flee when someone heard her scream and came to lend a helping hand.

“I identified the officer but could not escape because the energetic cop pinned me down. I screamed for help… A passerby came to my rescue and the enemy fled”.

The suspect who is under the mandate to secure the country chose to do otherwise. For his crime, John was hauled in by six Administration Police officers on Tuesday afternoon at his house in Nakuru town. This was after officials in Nyumba Kumi filed reports about the case.

The woman immediately went to hospital for medical check-ups and P3 form to take precuassions against possible infection after the incident before heading to police station to report.

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The victim whose lip wounds are still fresh noted that there was slow response when she got to area police. Due to the delay she was  forced to report to the AP officer in charge of Kuresoi South subcounty, Patrick Wafula. Afterwards, the AP ordered the arrested of the suspect.

The woman revealed that the station where the policeman is detained has the original copy of the P3 form

The woman confidently stated that her life seems to be endangered given that some policemen begged and even offered her a bribe of Sh100,000 to shut her mouth on this case.

Kuresoi OCPD Paul Rono has said that the case is currently being looked into. Rono described the crime as being serious and would attract serious punishment if the suspect is found guilty.

Rono added that the accused officer who already piled up bad history for himself was facing disciplinary action for previous crimes. He has committed crimes awfully a lot that the police were planning to discipline him severally before the incident.