Joho Declares His Intention To Contest For Presidency In 2022

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has revealed his plans of taking his political career to an entirely bigger level in 2022.

The governor vows not let his career remain at the same level it is currently, as he is going to vie for the presidential seat in the next general election that will hold in 2022.

He also promised to make Kenya greater than it was ever before, when his dream turns reality.

According to the governor and ODM Deputy party leader speech in a Citizen TV sho called ‘The Big question’.

I do not want my political career to end at governorship so I will vie for the presidential seat in 2022.

He also stressed on his readiness to work with the national power and urged other county and national government to follow suit as well.

 I just wish both county and national governments continue to work together for the better good of our nation.

The governor shone light on the reasons he had questioned President Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to his Mombasa without getting him involved, citing particularly the President’s visit to the Kenya Ferry Services Headquarters.

He said people question why the president didn’t add leg to the county government residence during his stay in Mombasa.

Quoting Joho

I respect Uhuru Kenyatta as the president but I had to ask him in public why he had not visited the county government because my people were asking questions.

Speaking on the naming of Fidel Road in Mombasa in honour of opposition leader Raila Odinga’s son, the governor defended the action with a rhetoric question, querying the standard used in naming of Mama Lucy hospital in Nairobi.

He said there wasn’t any reasonable yardstick used when Kenya, in commemoration of the woman, named a hospital after her.

In the words of the Mombasa governor:

The late Fidel Odinga made some positive contributions for this country and deserved a road being named after him but someone explain what has Mama Lucy did for the country to warrant a hospital being named after her.

The big factor the governor needs to consider while keeping his ambition alive is whether the seemingly crowded CORD will grant him a presidential ticket in 2022.

Of course with almost all the ODM members aspiring to be president in 2022, Kenyans are beginning to suggest the party will either create another separate political coalition or throw up more than one presidential candidates to the public.

Well, first of all, I think we should wait and see what 2017 election will serve, before we have headache trying to project into 2022. Don’t you think so?

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